Honor 10 Lite Review and Specs

The year saw a number of smart phones being released in the market. Starting from Xperia XA2, Nokia 7 Plus and Sirocco to Honor 10 Lite. The battle between flagships is intense. And adding to this is the war of brands introducing  budget smartphones.

Honor 10 lite is being released in the end of the year and most probably it will be the last smartphone to be released in 2018. Honor 10 is one of the best smartphone of 2018. With high specs and remarkable design Honor 10 has already received the respect what it deserves.

Honor 10 lite is no exception but with more of a budget specs and The 3D glare gradient design on the back it is decentralized from its own flagship. Running on  Kirin 710 with its own GPU Turbo 2.0 are also sufficient to provide users with a smooth experience.

The Honor 10 Lite comes in four colors of Gradient Red, Gradient Blue, Fantasy Black, and Valley Lily. As you guess, we are reviewing the latter. The back uses a high-precision 3D lithography. The Honor 10 Lite uses a 6.21-inch pearl screen, which accounts for 90% of the front panel. It has added Eye Protection Mode 2.0 to effectively filter blue light. And the 19.9:9 aspect ratio allows the phone to have a larger display area based on the 5.2-inch traditional phone dimensions.

In the drop area, the Honor 10 Lite has a number of components and sensors. But what’s more interesting, is that the brand has managed to put a 24MP camera there. The chin uses COF packaging process, which is mainly seen in the flagship models. That’s why the chin is narrow enough.

This notch on this is known as U-Notch display which is first used by Essential Phone a year back.

At the bottom of the fuselage, there are speakers, a micro-USB interface, a microphone, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. They didn’t forget that.

This handset also uses a dual-Nano-SIM card + SD card three-slot design. Thus you can insert two SIM cards and one SD card at the same time.

Starting way back from Honor 8 this line is considered to be the great among others. The Honor 10 Lite is the qualified successor of this series. Actually, it has a number of advantages that can’t be ignored.  With this good specs and design plus camera this will be the best budget phone of 2018.

Honor 10 Launch Event in Karachi 


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