HUAWEI Y8p – A Kingpin of Smartphone Photography

Smartphone photography is all the rage today, with smartphone manufacturers adding more complex and functional camera innovations to their smartphones with every release. However, it is not common for entry-level smartphones to get the same treatment, often resulting in the segment not having the advanced camera setups seen in its bigger brothers.

Huawei’s Y series however is known for breaking that mold, often bringing powerful features that revolutionize the entry-level segment. The latest in the series, the HUAWEI Y8p continues in this path and brings to the table a powerful 48MP AI Triple Camera setup that suits all your camera needs! Powerful features, stunning designs, long-lasting solid performance, all in a midrange smartphone for PKR 37,999/-. This is what the HUAWEI Y series aims to deliver, especially by making smartphone innovations more accessible to users at all levels.

This time, Huawei also added virtual #ShotonHuawei Master Classes that are held weekly by Huawei Experience Ambassadors (HEAs). These classes have amassed more than 200 participants from all over Pakistan with people raving about the skills that they have learned from the Masters.

One participant commented “Special thanks to HUAWEI Community for offering free training to their fans, really amazing initiative”, while another expressed how “this session means a lot to the photographers”. Given the overwhelming response from fans, Huawei will continue these masterclasses for another few sessions with the next one coming up on Saturday, 25 July 2020. Keep checking the official page for more information.

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Amjad Nawaz

Amjad – known for capturing street, culture, and architecture photographed an old building using HUAWEI Y8p. Amjad has an eye for the right angle and light which creates drama and flattering lines.

architecture photographed stree photographed

 Faisal Farooq

Faisal is one of the oldest Huawei Experience Ambassadors and nonetheless much talented. Faisal used HUAWEI Y8p’s 48MP camera to capture these mesmerizing and obscure photographs of the sea – a great escape amid lockdown.

obscure photographs

 Ali Awais

Ali Awais spends the afternoon at Old City, Lahore. He uses the art of framing and the Wide Angle Lens of HUAWEI Y8p to capture some of Lahore’s monuments from afar.

mesmerizing photographs minara pakistan

  Hashim Khan

Hashim Khan joins the #ShotonHuawei for the first time and proves his worth by demonstrating the art of lighting. He photographs the perfect portrait using HUAWEI Y8p in which he puts his creative hat on to get the right amalgamation of shadows and light. In the second image, HUAWEI Y8p’s incredible AI stabilization comes to play as Hashim captures a perfect shot of the road in a moving car.


side glass

Sidra Tulnoor

Also joining the #ShotonHuawei campaign for the first time, Sidra channeled her inner bookworm and showed us how she’s been spending time during the lockdown. The 48MP Quad AI Camera perfectly encapsulates the raw colours of these images, giving us a feeling of both daylight and lowlight photography.

book night view

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