India Tops the List as Country to Block Most Online Content   

The self-claimed ‘secular’ India has emerged as the country that blocks the highest amount of content online, revealed the latest survey.

The survey published by Comparitech has revealed that India sent a total of 77,620 requests in the last ten years to tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to block content for its users. Russia sent 77,162 requests whereas Turkey stands at third spot with 63,585 requests to tech companies.

Pakistan stands at 8th spot on the list with a total of 9,771 requests in the last decade.

As per the survey, India sent most of its requests to Facebook, Russia sent the maximum number of requests to Google and Turkey’s highest number of requests were sent to Twitter to oblige with content blockage requests.

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The survey also stated that common reasons for governments, judiciary, and other institutions to seek content block online are national security (29.74%), defamation (17.83%), and regulated goods and services (12.72%).


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