New HUAWEI Phone Bringing Back the Iconic Mate 30 Design & Major Upgrades coming to Pakistan

An Iconic Design with Four Major Upgrades is coming to the Y Series in September

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Thinking back on some of HUAWEI’s iconic models over recent years, you certainly can’t overlook the classic HUAWEI Mate 30 series. Right from the outset, it captured the hearts of consumers and quickly became a highly sought-after device. Recently, a poster revealed one of Huawei’s upcoming new phones and, judging by the photos, the new model comes with a fashionable silver colourway and looks a lot like Huawei’s flagship Mate 30.

In particular, there’s a sleek new rear camera embedded in the body of the phone which seems to be an exact replica of the memorable “four-eye headlight” design on the Emirates SkyCargo takes the taste of Pakistani mangoes across the world this season – Press Release It has been made out to be a pretty big deal and looks set to trigger a new wave of buyer interest – all for the HUAWEI Y Series.

Coming with an Iconic New Design

As a young yet reliable product portfolio, the HUAWEI Y Series offers a wide range of models from entry-level to mid-range. For instance, the HUAWEI Y6p and Y7p released this year, and the Y9 line-up with the higher configuration from last year together can fulfill different users’ needs. With stylish-looking design and great user experience, HUAWEI Y Series devices have been well received by consumers worldwide, especially the younger generation.

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Coming with HUAWEI SuperCharge

One of the most exciting rumours is the HUAWEI SuperCharge support, which is available on Huawei’s flagship series and made many users incredibly jealous. Even though details about the HUAWEI SuperCharge on the new Y smartphone are unknown yet, users who are looking for a mid-range phone are already excited about the care-free experience of getting a whole day-long battery life with just a 30-minute charge.

HUAWEI SuperCharge

Coming with Upgraded Camera

Another point gaining attention is the upgraded camera system. Both the HUAWEI Y8p and Y7p, launched in the first half of 2020, came loaded with a rear 48MP triple camera. Also, HUAWEI Y Series phones excel in night photography, outperforming competitors under the same price range. Based on these factors, the upcoming Y Series model is likely to have a main camera with a higher resolution, as well as greater camera capabilities than that a triple camera can offer.

Coming with Bigger Display

In terms of display, the new Y model will no doubt come with significant upgrades as well. After all, Huawei’s Y Series always stands out for its beautifully big display. The new Y Series device is going to have an even bigger display for more immersive gameplay and video viewing experience.

Bigger Display

Coming with Large Storage

A larger RAM and storage are essential to support users’ diverse needs for smartphone use. Yes, you are right. A good amount of storage is another key feature the new model offers, allowing users to download and save more high-quality audio and videos onto their phones than ever before. With constantly improved competitiveness and expanding portfolio, Huawei’s Y Series always can meet expectations from various audiences.

Large Storage

Furthermore, the price is likely to be very appealing, too! If you are considering replacing your phone, stay tuned for further announcements around the new Y Series coming in September. You can’t miss it!

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