Pakistan’s Changing Shopping Trends, Google Reveals Insights

There has been a huge buying behavior change amongst Pakistani consumers in the last decade or so, and now as more people are shifting towards eCommerce, the need to understand online dynamics has grown manifolds.

In a recent survey, in collaboration with Quantum and Ipsos, Google has revealed key insights into how consumers are making purchases in today’s era.

First and foremost, it is important to know that Google has become the first and last touchpoint of most consumers in the last decade as they begin their purchase journey. The consumers, spend more time on Google – searching regarding a product – than they spend anywhere else on the internet.

In contrast of 10 consumers who make a purchase, 30 consumers will never visit a store but instead do an online search before buying something at a physical store.

The trend of ‘webrooming’ is also increasing in Pakistan, at an exponential pace. Webrooming is the concept of the consumer searching online while present at the store to buy a product.

2x more sessions of webrooming on Google Search take place to acquire information regarding a product a Pakistani has intended to purchase than any other medium.

In addition to general dependency on Google, shoppers also make prior research on the search engine before buying certain products. Google’s survey revealed the difference from one product category to the other when it comes to Google research.

Smartphones – 10x more shoppers begin their pre-purchase journey

Women’s Fashion Wear – 5.2x more shoppers begin their pre-purchase journey

Skincare – 7.8x more shoppers begin their pre-purchase journey

In short, the survey revealed great importance Google search engine holds amongst the Pakistani consumers. And if brands wish to succeed in a competitive market, they themselves need to up their Google presence.

Aisha Arshad

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  • The ratio really got multiplied, online shopping in Pakistan is getting vast now a days. I do remember when I went to the market and search for the whole 3 hours but even couldn't find my Raspberry pi. Now it is simply available online on different stores like homeshoping, and so on, plus we can also get it directly in our home. That is just wow...

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