StormFiber’s website attacked by foreign hackers

StormFiber’s website was attacked by foreign hackers on Wednesday.

However, the site was recovered after a brief period.

As reported, the hack happened around 12 pm on Wednesday.

The hackers reportedly Indian, tried to access the website showed a giant Indian flag with the hacker’s username and a message that said “We are tired of sniffing PAK Defence Data”.

PAK Defence Data

StormFiber, one of the leading internet service providers in Pakistan, shared the update on the hacking incident.

“This morning, our website was attacked by foreign hackers and the home page was changed. No customer payment data was compromised as the website stores limited public, static content,” the company said in an official statement.

“As a side, our new website built on latest technology and infrastructure has also completed development and will be deployed next month. It was undergoing testing when this unfortunate incident on our existing website took place,” it added.

“For payments, users log on to use an external Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) where users are asked to enter their card numbers each time they make their payment,” the company added,

“We do this as we store no payment data at the time of processing the payment. We are in the process of enabling tokenization to save card numbers securely, however, until this is enabled, reentering card details each time without saving them is the most secure method. We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience caused, it added.

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