TECNO’s Next Generation Flagship Smart Phone will Bring Under Camera Technology to Pakistan Consumers

Innovation is the key to evolution! The technology world is continuously evolving with new trends and developments. In the past two years, major smartphone companies have been competing for various mobile features including full screens be it notch screens, water-drop screens, or dot screens. They have also been transforming cameras to sliding cameras to strive for the perfect full-screen solution.

Recently, TECNO, a major global smartphone manufacturer, is also following the pace of full-screen development. The brand shall be bringing the latest under-screen camera technology in its next-generation of flagship models. TECNO is one of the first rank smartphone brands to announce mass-production of under-screen camera smartphones in Pakistan

TECNO is all set to work on the under-screen camera by breaking through the difficulties of this task. The first issue with an above-screen camera is the light transmission of the OLED screen. The brand shall achieve a full-screen display by applying transparent pixels in the display area of the camera below the screen. This can give very blur images due to the traditional pixel arrangement method. But the TECNO Imaging Laboratory has improved the screen material dramatically by increasing the light transmittance of the screen, visually achieving the full-screen effect.

The second trouble comes with the quality of images. TECNO Imaging Laboratory combines its self-developed software algorithm, color granularity, and pixel precision to achieve the same quality as a normal camera. This will help to uninterruptedly optimize the pixel layout of the under-screen camera. Till now the under-screen camera has been able to solve photo-shooting problems such as overexposure of light, unclear imaging, dazzling light, dark light, and backlight.

Gathering years of experience, TECNO has a win-win situation in the field of segmentation and dark skin photography. TECNO’s innovation in the field of under-screen cameras will further promote the development of technological innovation resulting in technology optimization. The brand will be launching a concept phone equipped with under-screen camera technology in the first quarter of next year. So stay tuned for the amazing technology TECNO has promised to bring in the coming year!

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