WhatsApp to block screenshots soon?

WhatsApp, a smartphone messaging and calling app that we’ve all become addicted to. Most of us cannot imagine holding instant conversations with friends, family or business colleagues without WhatsApp.

Taking a screenshot and sharing it with others has become more or less a habit. Conversations flow between best friends and even foes, all thanks to screenshots. However, the convenience might just end soon.

According to reports WhatsApp is rolling out a new beta version that will blocks users from taking screenshot of conversations.

WhatsApp has been working on implementing biometric authentication for Android phones and a beta updated on Google Play Store now shows a new development for biometric authentication.

With the update, people who will be using the fingerprint sensor to unlock/lock WhatsApp will not be allowed to take screenshots of chats. A version which will have the feature enabled on their WhatsApp will not be able to take screenshots of the chats.

However, for now, there is no official information on the roll out of the new feature and whether it will be available for iOS and Android both.

Android phone users  can find the biometric authentication from Settings > Account > Privacy. On failure to recognize fingerprints and a number of failed attempts, WhatsApp will be locked for some time.

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