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Hunza: Travelling to the gorgeous land of mountains on a budget!

Located in the gorgeous region of Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza is a gorgeous mountainous valley, in the extreme north of Pakistan. It borders with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China, which makes it an ideal place for all those who want to go touch the extreme borders of Pakistan and visit the historic Khunjerab Pass, which marks the Pak-China border.

Apple laden trees and those hanging low with the loads of walnuts, Hunza, gives you a beautiful view, a sight for the sore eyes. And because we’ve been there recently, here are the travel hacks you might need to make your trip to Hunza not only memorable but within your budget as well.

When To Travel

We’d say the best time to visit Hunza will be from August to mid October. The weather isn’t chilly cold but its cold enough to make you want to wear something warm in the evenings. Mornings and afternoons are usually moderate, allowing you a chance to sport casual clothing with a pull over cardigan or a shawl.

Also the tourist season is slow during these months, which gives you a chance of finding good bargains for your stay at hotels and not being smothered with the sight of all kinds of tourists, Chinese, locals, Europeans and Russians, you name it.

Where To Stay

Hunza offers a wide variety of hotels and guest houses ranging from high end accommodation to the more budget ones. If you’re on a real luxury trip, the Eagle’s Nest hotel is where you ought to be. A bit pricey but the Eagle’s Nest has the best services and views in the entire Hunza, especially that of the Rakaposhi Mountain and the entire valley that lays beneath.

Darbar Hotel is another location with exotic views and some really gorgeous interiors. Even standard rooms offer beautiful views of the valley and the mountains that surround Hunza. If you visit Hunza during the off season (August to mid October) consider yourself lucky because you’ll be able to get a good bargain and might as well land a standard room (double bed, Wi-Fi, breakfast) for Rs. 5000.

Hunza Continental Palace is very cosy, comfortable and rather affordable hotel set amongst the backdrop of gorgeous mountains in Karimabad Hunza. The views from the hotel are breathtaking as you get to see the proud Rakaposhi mountain in all its glory from your room windows. Again if you visit Hunza in the off season, you will be able to find a room at the Hunza Continental Palace for as less as Rs. 2500.

Where To Eat?

you’ll definitely find a lot of eateries in Hunza, located in the Karimabad district but you we’ll give you a heads up on where to find good taste in the gorgeous valley.

Rainbow Hotel

from steaks to chowmeins, from biryani to qourma, you’ll find a wide variety of items at the Rainbow hotel in Hunza. Not only is the price good and much affordable, the taste and service is simply superb and the best in Hunza. Rainbow Hotel has been operational in Hunza for 7 years now and the taste hasn’t wavered one bit since day one.

Imtiaz Cafe

Although relatively new, Imtiaz Cafe in Hunza has it all. From taste to views, affordability and a variety of cuisines, Imtiaz Cafe offers it all to its guests.

Hunza Bistro

Want to try some fast food, in mood for coffee or tea? Or do you just want to enjoy the views the beautiful vallye of Hunza has to offer? Hunza Bistro, again in Karimabad, is an amazing place that offers its guests great taste, great price and exotic views from its glass windows.

What To Do?

When in Hunza, there is a list of places, you ought to visit. The valley does not only have gorgeous views, it is also rich in culture and heritage.

Altit Fort 

Entry Fee: Rs. 400 per person

Altit Fort  was originally home to the hereditary rulers of the Hunza state who carried the title Mir, although they moved to the somewhat younger Baltit fort nearby three centuries later. Altit Fort is around 1100 years old and rich in ancient architecture.

The Kha Basi cafe located amidst the fort is not only beautiful but also offers divine tasting traditional Hunza cuisine and other tasty alternatives for everyone to try.

Baltit Fort

Entry Fee: Rs. 400 per person

The foundations of the fort date back to 700 years ago, with rebuilds and alterations over the centuries. Baltit fort is a museum run by the Baltit Heritage Trust and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list since 2004.

Attabad Lake

A dramatic mountainous backdrop and gorgeous blue waters, Attabad Lake is simply breathtaking. It will take you about 45 minutes from main Hunza to reach the Gojal valley where Attabad Lake is situated but the drive will be worth the wait.

And oh, you’ll find Sweet Tooth cafe at the main Attabad Lake and you’ll fall in love with the view and the items the cafe has to offer. Calm and over looking the gorgeous lakes, its one view to die for.

Passu Glaciers

an easy trek but a breath taking view, Passu Glaciers or Passu Cones are situated at a one hour easy trek from the Shisper Hotel. And by the way if you take the trek and walk  a little further you will easily be able to touch the glaciers as well.

Borith Lake

Located to the northwest of Husseini, a village near Ghulkin, Gojal, in the upper Hunza, Borith Lake is a small piece of heaven on Earth and a place you cannot miss when in Hunza.

And of course do not forget to visit the gorgeous Khunjerab Pass, the Pakistan China border when you’ve taken a trip as far as Hunza.

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