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Behave like a captain, Sammy backs Tipu’s transformation for 7 Din Mohabbat In!

Is it still revival or now it is becoming the norm? The last two Pakistani film I saw Cake and Motorcyle Girl were quality ventures. Film makers are now diving into different subjects and areas. One such film seems to be 7 din Mohabbat in. While we are not getting releases every week, the pace has certainly picked up. This Eid, we will see 4 releases.

To be fair, each one looks to have a different topic. 7 din mohabbat in looks like a story of a nervous boy who cannot find love. We are seeing a different marketing strategy for the film as well. They are making promotional videos with different platforms. Also many celebrities are providing their inputs to Tipu on how to deal with his problems.

The Teaser For 7 Din Mohabbat In Reveals A Full Masala Film

The most interesting one is of Darren Sammy. Perhaps, the most beloved foreign cricketer in Pakistan, is a household name across the country. In a characteristically fun and engaging clip, the West Indian captain shares the secret of success, be like a captain and be yourself.


How does this advice come in handy for Tipu? Just under 2 months wait to find out.

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