Juhi Chawla has very questionable advice for women

MeToo stories have taken over Bollywood with many celebrities posting their shock and horror. Juhi Chawla is the latest to share her views, however, her’s are pretty controversial and questionable.

In an interview when asked about the current harassment charges, Juhi said, “It’s sad and a little shocking because the people being named are who we have known and respected… to hear their names coming up in these matters is a little disturbing.”

She blamed the victims instead, which was rather disappointing and shocking for her fans.

“At the same time I would like to tell all the girls out there trying to make careers: Please stay focused on what you are really there for. Stay focused on your work. God will protect you and you will find your way, I mean we all did. Don’t get distracted by the frills and fancies that come with the profession. They will come as a result of your work, but don’t make that your work.”

Juhi’s statements are insulting to women and the entire movement in general. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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