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Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor meet Robert De Niro in NYC

It was a 'wow' moment for the Bollywood veteran


Bollywood veteran actor, Rishi Kapoor, is currently in the US for medical treatments. The happy go lucky actor keeps sharing pictures with his Bollywood friends who keep on coming to him, asking about his health. Recently the actor posed with Anupam Kher and Javed Akhter, and usually he is accompanied by wife Neetu Kapoor, son Ranbir Kapoor and also Alia Bhatt at times.

During his stay in the US, Rishi Kapoor recently experienced his wow moment when he met veteran Hollywood celebrity Robert De Niro.

“Wow moment. Impromptu meeting with Robert De Nero on 65th and 3rd. He knew Ranbir coz he had met him and Anupam and said come over with Kher for a drink! Simplicity and super stardom. I realized I have been such a bloody brat. Cannot get over his demeanor. Thank you Bob !” wrote the veteran Bollywood star.

Rishi Kapoor was evidently impressed with De Nero’s simple demeanor and appreciated his hospitality. He also mentioned how Ranbir already knew the actor because he had visited him alongside Anupam Kher earlier.

Rishi Kapoor is undergoing treatment in the US for a disease yet to be disclosed. According to Randhir Kapoor, Rishi was getting tested for something he didn’t even know about yet.

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