A sneak peek in to the preparation for the West Indies series

Cricket is slowly returning home. West Indies play 3 T20s this week in Karachi. It’s a giant step towards bringing cricket back to Pakistan. After having that sole T20 in Lahore, against Sri Lanka, now West Indies are coming to Karachi to play a full series. Bilateral series have more meaning that PSL mathes for me, in terms of bringing cricket back home. While, the West Indies squad isn’t at full strength, it still is a strong team. West Indies cricket board and the players are at loggerheads any day of the year anyway, so it was no surprise that the tour party arrived late and it did seem a last minute scramble. However, we cannot be too pushy at this stage, as these are early days for us.

It’s time to enjoy what is being offered to us. Slowly but surely if the authorities remain vigilant cricket will fully return to Pakistan, not just T20s but test matches as well. One would hope that in due course, we will find a way to not disrupt daily life and still have cricket matches. One of our friends went for an informal briefing at the National Stadium and here is what we found.

And you look for your stand as per the ticket you have bought!

This should be a fun series. West Indies always play an exciting brand of cricket. With a flat deck and small boundaries, this could be very much an even series.

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