Fun Mitti Se explores the unexplored talent of Pakistan’s soil!

The Punjab Council of the Arts has introduced a one of its kind digital platform for the artisans of
Punjab, Funn Mitti Se, a project that will bring across hundreds and hundreds of opportunities and exposure to all those unappreciated and unexplored artisans of the region.

Showcasing Punjab’s rich culture and heritage, the initiative has been launched through a video featuring Saba Qamar and Asim Azhar on a song composed by the maestro Shuja Haider. Fun Mitti Se is a beautiful track that brings across not only the colors and untapped talent of Punjab but also speaks volumes about the rich culture we have and that which is majorly ignored.

Fun Mitti Se with its beautiful composition and a heartfelt video will take you back to your roots, once again. Check out the video here and let us know what you think!

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