Must Watch Series on Netflix

Netflix is the online streaming giant that has become an important part of our lives. Here are some series on Netflix that are worth binge-watching.

  1. Narcos

Narcos is a real-life adaptation of the life of an infamous yet scandalous drug lord named Pablo Escobar. This intriguing series will definitely not do you wrong.

  1. Stranger things

This series follows the story of experimental projects that involved humans with enhanced superhuman abilities, and much more. Edgy production and exceptional acting by the whole cast makes it more interesting.

  1. Happy valley

Happy valley involves the story about plans that go horribly wrong. Natural acting and top-notch storyline make this series more captivating.

  1. Breaking bad

Breaking Bad follows the story of a high-school chemistry teacher whose life changes dramatically. This intense series is surely a must-watch.

  1. House of cards

If you love political crime-fiction, you’re in luck. An absolutely enthralling and flawlessly produced series, House of cards makes sure that your time doesn’t go wasted.

Do you have any favourites from Netflix? Let us know!

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