Top 5 Smartphone Selling Brands

Top 5 Smartphone Selling Brands – (Based on 2nd Quarter Sales around the World)

  1. OPPO

Oppo is a Chinese consumer electronics and mobile phone manufacturer company. Most commonly known for Smart Phones, Oppo was the top selling Smart Phone Company in China in 2016 and ranked 4th Worldwide. In 2018 (2nd Quarter) Oppo placed at 5th spot.

  1. Xiaomi Mi

Based in China, Beijing. Xiaomi makes Smart Phones, Mobile Apps, Laptops and consumers related electronics. As a mobile manufacture company Xiaomi place at no. 1 in India 2017. Worldwide Xiaomi ranked at 4th place in 2018 (2nd Quarter).

  1. Huawei

Huawei sales increases in 2017 because of their mid-range smart phone devices with high-end configuration. Based on source Huawei broke the record of Apple Inc. of most shipped devices worldwide. Which Apple holds for 7 years, currently placed at 3rd Position.

  1. Samsung

Samsung is Korean based smart phone and consumer based electronic company. In 2000s the birth of Galaxy SmartPhone series made the company’s mark to the point. Samsung Smart Phones are more praised then any Android Devices in the world. Hold 2nd spot in the list.

  1. Apple Inc.

In 2007 Apple’s CEO at that time Steve Jobs made everyone to stand on their feet by introducing Apple iPhone 2G. He stated that he was about to make a REVOLUTION. Fast Forward 2018 Apple Inc. is the biggest company of Smart Phone manufacturer in the world. Selling over 100+ Million units Worldwide, currently placed at 1st Position.

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