Here is how Abdullah Mehmood is trapping foreign investment in Pakistan

Abdullah Mehmood is the founder of Rex Media group which is an advertising agency that offers the best-promoting administrations for both neighborhood and global business sectors

Abdullah Mehmood has been working with the marketing agency from a very young age at that time he was already helping many people grow their work. Through managing multiple Facebook groups and pages from a very young age, Abdullah is now helping individuals throughout the country. 18-year-old Abdullah now has a big plan for his country. Abdullah is collaborating with many foreign industries and agencies to invest in Pakistan.

” The purpose of Rex media is to trap foreign investment with the help of young and talented freelancers of Pakistan. It’s a great platform for the people who truly deserve attention. This will not only help Pakistan grow internationally but also create new job opportunities for the young generation soon”

Abdullah is also a student while studying, he’s fully aware of the unemployment problem in his country. The only way to create job opportunities for the youth is by getting investment and creating industries. Investors have no problem investing if you have a good plan. He’s also planning out to harvest crops that are not growing in the country right now. Near the city of Multan, he and his team of students from the agriculture department of Faisalabad university are going to implement their plan soon.

“World is changing so fast, u cant spend your life doing one thing, u have to be versatile because there’s no guarantee that you will get a job in future just by doing a degree”

Abdullah Mehmood as of late worked together with Ryan Alford, the organizer of Radical media and the virtuoso behind Dancing Dentist. Extremist media is a full-administration advanced organization that is one of the quickest developing publicizing offices. Extremist media is perhaps the best and very much regarded office in the US. The author of Rex media and the organizer of the Radical media coordinated effort gets successful, Abdullah persuades Ryan to put here in Pakistan. This will make hundreds of occupations opportunities for the Pakistani inhabitants. it’s extraordinary news and opportunity for the youthful youth

His services are so worth it that 4 advert associations based in the United States, California contacted him. Abdullah not only helped them through his services but also convinced them to invest and place assets in Pakistan. Through this idea, many jobless people are going to start earning according to their skill set.

Abdullah has the vision to serve his country, reaching out to people and agencies which can help Pakistan grow internationally and be strong economically. It was so unfortunate that in 2020 the work faced a very dangerous virus, the whole globe was under attack. Many businesses are not expecting to reopen even after lockdown, During this many people lost their jobs, Abdullah helped many people in his country obtain their jobs once again. Many of the people are now earning more than they used to before. In Covid – 19 Pakistan was not one of those countries that faced severe economic pressures. This was the perfect time to convince foreign companies to invest in Pakistan. Now many Pakistanis are working in such companies and earning a healthy income of 40 thousand rupees a month.

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Many young people who lost their jobs due to covid 19, Abdullah Mehmood helped them secure a good position in one of those international agencies he collaborated and now some of them are earning 40 thousand rupees a month. Now, many international software houses are ready to invest in Pakistan, all credit goes to Abdullah who made it possible. He’s working with 7 to 8 international agencies right now and he has big plans for his country.

Abdullah is also a famous YouTuber and an Instagram model in Pakistan, he has been helping many people generate a healthy income through his youtube channels. Abdullah his youtube journey at the age of 14, nothing much came out of it at that time he used to make vlogs and share ideas about generating a healthy income. Everything happens at the right time now, almost everyone knows the youngest entrepreneur of Pakistan.

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In a recent interview, he was asked about his success story, HE replied:” Success is in God’s hands, all you can do is worked hard and believe in yourself, God will give you chances, no them and take them”

His Instagram account is also growing very fast, he works with many fashion industries and has multiple photoshoots and interview sessions in the upcoming future.

Abdullah Mehmood gained tremendous respect and fame because of his achievements. He’s known as the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan. In the recent interview he was also asked that what makes u different, Abdullah replied: “To be different you have to do something different and my passion to serve my country makes me different”

There is no question that much can be learned not only from the words of Abdullah Mehmood but from his lucrative, successful career as a whole. The self-made teen has come incredibly far despite his lack of access to family fortunes he made it. Thus, the gold he spins is far purer, and his connection to the world is real and raw, resulting in a much more organic product that people truly connect with. If there were ever a horse to bet on that was low risk, high reward, it would be partnering with Rex media agency on your next big marketing venture.

Abdullah’s story disclosed to us that there’s nothing in life that you can’t accomplish. Regardless of what your identity is and regardless of where you are, there’s consistently a way that u cannot see. Accomplishing something for yourself is acceptable yet accomplishing something for your nation is stunning. His story has not finished here, they’re significantly more to come. The story of Abdullah Mehmood is astounding, he’s only 18 years and bringing in a gigantic measure of cash. He’s helping out his people earn more and his country grows more.


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