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If you are searching for top trending news and updates you are just on the right portal, keep scrolling and find out the latest news and gossip about your most favorite celebrities. We are sure you are going to get everything and anything here. Oyeyeah claims to be the greatest entertainment portal because it prefers quality over quantity and loves to give authentic news to its viewers. Oyeyeah is the gate to the world of entertainment; Pakistan movie and drama industry, Pakistan music industry, social media sensation, Bollywood dhamaal, Hollywood buzz, lifestyle, health, travel, and a lot more!

So what are you waiting for? Go on and check out the Trending news to know the current affairs, celebrity updates, and top trends on social media. We know what you love and report on what you care about.

Obsessed with Pakistani movies and dramas? Confused about what to watch? Make sure you check out our drama ratings and movie ratings section; it has the most unbiased and organic ratings and reviews of the ongoing and latest Pakistani movies and dramas.

Crushing over a celebrity? Die heart fan of a celebrity? Want to know more about them? Make sure you go to the celebrity bio section and learn more about your favorite celebs whether they are actors/actresses, singers, politicians, or cricketers. We have got all of them for you right there in the celebrity bio section.

If you have come this far and have not found anything for personal grooming; don’t worry OyeYeah has got your back. Go to our lifestyle – fashion section to check out the latest fashion updates, new designer collections, fashion reviews, and a great deal of fashion advice for you all. You don’t want to miss this at all!

If you are a traveler and need to be updated about travel and tour deals and packages, the lifestyle- travel section is the one for you! Pack your stuff and Explore the world with us but wait that’s not the end, OyeYeah brings you tasty and delicious recipes and cooking tips and tricks for our foodie audience, yes you read it right! Oyeyeah provides a diverse platform so that our viewers get everything in one place. Moreover, books addicts may check our lifestyle- book review section to feel like home. We have got the best reading recommendations for you and news about the best seller books around the globe. And this isn’t just enough! We have news about the latest events happening around the world, the participants, hosts, and themes.

Oyeyeah wrapped everything up for you here! We are the medium that connects you to the entertainment world and provides the fastest breaking news service in Pakistan.

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