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Raqs e Bismil Episodes 1-6 Overview: A fascinating tale of passion and curse

Raqs e Bismil with its six episodes down is undoubtedly the most powerful drama serial running at HUM TV, penned down by the veteran writer Hashim Nadeem and directed by Wajahat Rauf.  The play is beautifully shot, its exquisite cinematography, powerful script and brilliant performances are what makes this serial a wonderful Prime Time Watch. The play has a stellar cast having Imran Asharaf and Sara Khan in the leading roles. Raqs e Bismil also has the internet sensation Momin Saqib in the cast along with Anoushay Asharaf, Mehmood Asalam, Nida Mumtaz, Javeria Abbasi, Furqan, Gul e Rana, Saleem Miraaj, and others.

The play starts on a powerful note with an introduction of two brothers Moosa and Essa in a family of Peers. Moosa is portrayed as a hot-headed guy he is the heir of Gaddi. In the opening scene, he drags his cousin Sakina out of a place where she is about to have Nikkah with a person she loves. Moosa drags her out because he thinks that a Syed girl cannot marry outside the cast, he is too harsh in punishing her but then Sakina’s mother begs Moosa to leave her by giving him sake of her milk, she is his Razaee Maa.

Moosa’s father the Peer decides to marry off Sakina with Essa so that in this way their family honor remains intact. Essa already has a crush on Sakina since his childhood, he agrees to his father’s decision. Unlike his brother Moosa, Essa is shown as a soft heart and kind guy. On her wedding day, Sakina cursed Moosa that may he also fall in love with someone and may he also goes through the pain of not getting his beloved. Well, it seems that her wish comes true because Moosa gets attracted to a girl Zohra wearing a veil in a bus. Moosa’s ideal girl is the one who is extremely pious and no one has ever seen her.

Moosa’s heart gets broken when he finds Zohra’s reality, she is a harlot and she dances at parties to earn a living for her Anna Jee. Zohra’s reality has not to slow downed Moosa’s passion for that girl. He is extremely passionate to get her at any cost. In the meantime, Peer Sahab fixes Moosa’s engagement with his friend’s daughter who is also a Peer. In the last episode, it is shown that Moosa pays a hefty amount to Anna Jee and asks her to let Zohra come with him for an event. Moosa has arranged his Nikkah with her.

Zohra being an arrogant girl rejects to marry him and tells him saying that he still needs to prove himself to her and needs to win her heart first. Moosa respectfully drops her back home but Anna Jee has already called the Police. Police Officer visits Peer Sahab and there he gets to know about his son’s whereabouts he tells the officer to shoot Moosa if he resists as he disowns him. The ending scene of this episode is so powerful where Peer Sahab snubs Moosa in front of the whole family and disowns him from his Gaddi Nasheeni.

Sakina finds this whole scene very satisfying but her fire of revenge is asking for more, she questions his Uncle that why Moosa is not been severely punished like she was when she wanted to marry a respectable guy not like him marrying a shady woman he is the one actually tainting family honor? Peer Sahab allows Sakina to slap Moosa. Sakina slaps so hard on Moosa’s face and there Imran Asharaf has given an award-winning performance with his expressions, he has tears in his eyes and a broken smile. Then comes his father putting off his dastaar from his head, Moosa has lost everything for his passion and yet it seems that his love is cursed.

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