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Fairy Tale 2 Last Episode Review: And they lived happily ever after

Could we get a Season 3 of Fairy Tale?

Fairy Tale 2, the second season of HUM TV’s Ramadan special soap finally concluded.

Written by Sarah Majeed and directed by Ali Hassan, HUM TV’s production captured audiences’ hearts. And fans are more than glad that the decision to produce a new season didn’t disappoint them.

The last episode seems a bit on fast fast-forward track as makers tried to bring more and more of Umeed and Farjad’s life to the screen before ending the story.

The final episode brings a new addition into Umeed and Farjad’s life, their daughter and the careless happy-go-lucky couple is shown falling in love with their new role as new parents.

Umeed is a very naughty, irritating and clumsy girl while Farjad is a serious guy, both kept the audience hooked throughout the season as their characters evolved.

Hamza Sohail and Sehar Khan proved best to play the roles of Ummed and Farjad while their onscreen chemistry has been crackling.

The supporting cast has been equally brilliant, though the addition of Indian soap flavour was a bit off for me personally.

Overall, the drama was a delightful watch having innocent characters with cute storylines.

Could we get a Season 3 of Fairy Tale? Maybe in Ramadan 2024?

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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