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Top Pakistani Drama Actors

When we say our audience has got everything here; Trust us, we have worked on it! Here we have the list of all the Top Pakistani male and female actors who have won the hearts of millions because of their outclass, breathtaking and magnificent performances in the Pakistan drama industry. You can get updates about the latest sensation of the Pakistani drama industry. Moreover, you can search for your favorite male and female drama actors to know more about the news related to their new upcoming projects, you can click on the profile to find out their bio, career, lifestyle, and much more here just on single click at OyeYeah.

Ali Abbas

Age: 35 | Height: 5'11" | Film Actor, Television Actor

Top Pakistani Movie Actors

To support the Pakistani movie industry and our very own Pakistani movie actors/actresses here we have the list of all Top Pakistani male and female actors who have worked day and night to make their mark in the newly rising Pakistani movie industry. The Pakistani movie stars have shown the essence of their magical performance on the silver screen which is recognized very well not only domestically but also internationally and made Pakistan proud. You can get all the latest top-notch updates about your favorite Pakistani male and female movie actors, their biography, life, career, and much more only at OyeYeah.

Top Pakistani Singers

Pakistan is the land of melody and not just the land we have got people with beautiful and melodious voices in the Pakistan music industry. We are sure you recognize all of them by their musical and well-tuned voices but here we have got the list of all the top Pakistani male and female singers with their biography, life, career, and a lot more. Get the latest updates about what events your favorite singers are going to attend and where you can meet and greet them all here by clicking the profile of your favorite Pakistani singer at OyeYeah.

Hadiqa Kiani

Age: 48 | Height: 5'5" | Singer, Song-writer & Philanthropist

Abida Parveen

Age: 65 | Height: 5'4" | Singer , Musician , Entrepreneur , Composer

Shehzad Roy

Age: 40 | Height: 5'7" | Singer, philanthropist

Atif Aslam

Age: 36 | Height: 5'10" | Singer,Songwriter,Actor

Ali Zaffar

Age: 38 | Height: 5'10" | Singer, Songwriter

Top Pakistani Cricketers

We have not seen anything as crazy as the love of cricket in Pakistan. Every young boy here wants to be an international cricket player and not only boys but girls also, that’s the passion for cricket in Pakistanis and it's been the same for ages. Here we have composed for you the list of all top Pakistani cricketers you have made us all proud of in the field and are known for their outstanding and incredible performance in the ODIs, T20s, and test matches but OyeYeah gives you a chance to know your favorite Pakistani Cricketer better by getting updates about their bio, career and life and much more.

Babar Azam

Age: 24 | Height: 5'11" | Right-handed batsman, Right arm off break bowler

Abdul Razzaq

Age: 39 | Height: 6'0" | Right-handed batsman, Right arm fast medium bowler

Shahid Afridi

Age: 39 | Height: 5'11" | Right-handed batsman, Right arm leg spinner

Top Pakistani Politicians

Politics have been a game of thrones in Pakistan, but the path leading to that throne is full of thorns despite that there are many names who have been known as the true leaders of Pakistan and who have served their lives for the betterment of Pakistan as a nation and its international recognition. Oyeyeah has the list of all top Pakistani politicians here with their bio, life, career, achievements, and much more. You can get all that you need to know by just clicking on the profile of your favorite Pakistani politician.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Age: 71 | Height: 5'10" | Lawyer, Politician, Founder & Former Governor of Pakistan

Pervez Musharraf

Age: 75 | Height: 6'0" | Former Chief of Army Staff & President Pakistan, PML(Q) Chairperson

Imran Khan

Age: 66 | Height: 6'2" | Former Cricketer, Chairperson of PTI, PM of Pakistan

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