Art makes an artist but the audience and fans are the ones who make such an artist a magnificent celebrity star. So in order to connect such admirers and fans to their favorite celebrity stars, Oyeyeah works as a bridge and presents you with the directory portal of all the Pakistani male and female actors. The actors who have beautifully granted life to the dead script characters and proven themselves in the Pakistan television industry as well as Pakistani cinemas with their magical and incredible performances. You can access their bio, life stories, and the latest update about them right here by clicking on their profile. Moreover, you can not only find the list of Pakistani male or female drama and movie actors but also news anchors, reality show hosts, morning show hosts, and every media sensation who has made his or her mark in the Pakistani showbiz. We love to update our audience with authentic and reliable news before anyone else does. Oyeyeah promises you trending news about Pakistani media stars, gossip, some masala, and a great deal of entertainment. We are here to raise the bar and make OyeYeah the best entertainment portal of Pakistan and for that, we have got the biggest list of Pakistan media celebs with their official social media accounts information so that you follow the authentic ones. Make sure to follow up on your favorite celebs, their work life, day to day routine, favorite vacation spots, their upcoming projects, future plans, career plans, and much more. Oyeyeah keeps you updated with the nominations so that you don’t miss the chance to vote for your favorite celebrity star and support them in achieving their dreams. What more one can ask for? Explore the portal to know everything about popular Pakistani movie and drama industry personalities and stars.

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