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Babar Azam

Age: 24 | Height: 5'11" | Right-handed batsman, Right arm off break bowler

Shahid Afridi

Age: 39 | Height: 5'11" | Right-handed batsman, Right arm leg spinner

Imran Khan

Age: 66 | Height: 6'2" | Former Cricketer, Chairperson of PTI, PM of Pakistan

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Pakistani cricketers are the pride of our nation and they have represented Pakistan internationally in many championships, world cups, ODIs, T20s, and test matches. Green shirts are often unpredictable but they practice day and night to meet the expectations of all the cricket fans around the globe. Such cricket stars got as much criticism at their worst as the appreciation at their best, if you are a die heart cricket fan and would like to get more updates about your favorite Pakistani cricket stars.

OyeYeah provides the complete directory of Pakistani cricketers so that you can access their profile along with the latest news, records, and much more. True cricket fans are the ones who make them shaheens and lift up their spirits to perform with maximum potential under pressure. Here on OyeYeah, you can find the official Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts of your most admired Pakistani cricketers so that you follow the authentic ones. Apart from their sport routines, career life, and career records, we provide you with the details about the Pakistani cricketer’s personal lives, social lives, and day to day routines.

Do you want to know what challenges your favorite shaheen has to face while preparing himself for the match against a very competitive team? Who they look up to as their role models? How hard did they work to achieve the dream of becoming a top cricketer of the Pakistani team? How difficult is it for them to deal with the criticism of the public? And what motivates them after every failure? You are just on the right portal, as we are giving all the cricket fans a chance to know their beloved cricket stars and their lives off ground. So dig into it, trust us you don't want to miss it in any case. Stop worrying and start oyeyeahing!