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Alif Last Episode Review: Qalab e Momin sets on a path of real success

One of the most wonderful plays airing on Geo Entertainment, Alif has finally ended and we are already missing it. The play has been brilliantly written by the veteran writer Umaira Ahmed and kudos to the entire team for creating such a masterpiece, the script, performances, and execution everything is on point. Sajal Aly and Hamza Ali Abbasi gave memorable performances in this play and we are definitely going to miss Hamza what a phenomenal actor he was as Alif was his last play as an actor, he has announced his retirement from showbiz recently.

The episode begins where Master Ibrahim is narrating how he married Husana to Momina. He tells that Abu Aala himself introduced her to him as a woman who has such a worthy character which deserves to be written in gold, her virtues weigh much more than Abu Aala’s whole work. He also revealed that Abu Aala did not tell him that she was her daughter in law because he has said that he does not want to marry a woman who has a child. Ibrahim tells us that it is we who try to limit Allah’s benevolence, otherwise, Allah forgives those who truly repent. Every saint has a past but it is us who are not ready to forgive other’s sins otherwise Allah washes it with Human’s tears of remorse.

Momina shares about Husan e Jahan’s journey to Husana and about his husband to her father Sultan. Momin read all the letters of Husan e Jahan, he feels his heart gonna stop with the intensity of pain and guilt. He visits Momina’s house and there he is warmly welcomed by her mother. Momina asks Momin that he want to meet Master Ibrahim and when she tells him that he was Husan e Jahan’s husband, he says that he already knows it.

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Momin and Momina goes at Master Ibrahim’s house but there they find a lock on the door. A neighbor tells them that Master Ibrahim died last night, leaving his house keys for Momina and there Momin finds her mother’s portraits which his father has made. Momin tells Momina that he wants to rewrite the script, Momina says it will be Husan e Jahan’s journey to Husana.

The film Alif becomes a phenomenal success but Momin has found the path of Real Success and he has made up his mind to choose that path. He shares his decision with Momina who fully supports and appreciates his decision. He tells her that he is leaving for Turkey where he is going to keep his Dada’s legacy and will start learning and teaching Calligraphy. He asks Momina to accompany him but she says it is not the Right time, she has to carry Husan e Jahan’s legacy and also she needs to go through her spiritual purification, she promises that she is eventually going to join him on which Momin says that he will wait for her.

Alif is a masterpiece, celebrating human’s relationship with Allah.

Rameeza Nasim

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