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Deewar-e-Shab Episode 15 Review: Salman marries Zubia!

Based on Aliya Bukhari’s novel, Deewar e Shab is a drama serial which revolves around a courtesan Sitara Jahan and her struggles to keep her art and family values alive. The play has a very engaging story line and has many characters. Sara Khan, Shehzad Shaikh, Sheroze Subzwari, Osama Tahir, Kinza Hashmi all are giving brilliant performances in the play but Bushra Ansari has outdone her role as Sitara Jahan.

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The episode begins when Nagina is extremely depressed about her current situation. She wants Sandal to become a top heroine but there seems to the no such chances of it. While on the other hand, Almas is gaining popularity which is making Nagina even more depressed. She is regretting the fact that she has not taught Gaiti the ways of courtesans and dance, as she thinks of her that she is good for nothing kind of girl. Nagina shows his extreme anger and shouts on her, breaking Gaiti’s heart.

Salman marries Zubia, Islam’s family also attend the wedding. At the wedding function, greedy Salman is looking on his childhood fiance Rabia with lustful eyes and regretting the fact that she is not rich like Zubia otherwise he would have married this beauty! Even the bride notices Salman watching Rabia. Well, Izhaar is worrying about his brother’s family, he thinks that he is going to embarrass him in front of Salman’s in-laws but Yusuf Sahab turns out to be a huge fan of Islam and he is just going gaga to see him there and treating him like a star-making Izhaar and his family envious.

Zubia turns out what we were expecting, she is not letting Salman’s mother and sister even close to her just because she doesn’t like the fragrance of the perfume they are wearing. The next day, she also behaves very rudely with everyone and insults Salman’s eldest sister by saying that she should never ever try to give her any advice. Well, Joya is thoroughly enjoying all these events. Zubia says that she is getting a headache on which Salman hurries off to medical store to buy her tablets and instructs Joya to give her water in her room.

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Salaar tries to make Gaiti feel better and this time Sandal also introduces herself to Salaar in quite a flirtatious way which irritates Gaiti and Sandal gets the point that Gaiti is now developing some feelings for him but she feels that its good that she has moved over with Khayyam’s thoughts. Khayyam, on the other hand, is down with very high fever and the hotel owner is taking great care of him. He is almost begging him to tell about his family so he can inform them but Khayyam says that he has no family and fells unconscious.

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