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Dil-e-Momin Episodes 5 and 6 Review: Aashi’s father refuses Momin’s proposal

7th Sky Entertainment’s production drama serial Dil-e-Momin is indeed proving to be one of the most interesting drama serials running at GEO Entertainment. However, the characterization is done in a very cliche manner. Momin ( Faysal Qureshi) as his name has all the attributes of a Momin, he is angle-like, flawless too good to be true. In the previous episode, Maya is fancying that Momin loves her. In this episode, Momin clarifies to her that it was a misunderstanding breaking Maya’s heart. Momin’s heart is also broken as Aashi’s father ( Shabbir Jan) refuses his proposal.

Momin’s parents are going for Aashi’s proposal to her house when Gohar meets them and inquires about Sir Momin asking quite a personal question that ” Kya ye Rishta Sir Momin ki marzi se horaha hay?” Never for a moment did Momin’s parents get alarmed that why a stranger who claims to be Momin’s student is asking such a personal question? Gohar is evilly satisfied to know that Momin is marrying somewhere else.

Gohar calls Maya and tells her that he has gone to meet Sir Momin at his house and there he comes to know that his parents are taking his proposal for someone he likes. Maya does not pay any heed to what Gohar says but she should worry that why Gohar has gone to his house? Why is still he picking up Gohar’s call and talking with him? Why Gohar thinks that Momin flirted with Maya.

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Momin’s parents go to Aashi’s place for her proposal but Aashi’s father bluntly refuses the proposal by saying that he has already fixed her engagement with some rich guy Fakhar. Momin when comes to know about this his world turns upside down, he goes to talk with his Khalo but he misbehaved with Momin despite his daughter’s interference he is resolute that he is not going to agree. Even he refuses the Imam Masjid when he tries to convince him for Momin.

Momin breaks Maya’s heart by trying to open her eyes, he clarifies that he does not love him it was merely a misunderstanding he mistook her for someone else. Maya is broken, she sends Momin a voice notes that she is not going to disturb him ever but she will always love him, that call may be a misunderstanding on his part but it has left a deep mark in her heart. Momin ignores her message she sends another voice note saying that he will never see her again and also she curses him that he will go through the similar pain she is facing right now. Momin gets alarmed on hearing that voice note. Will Momin develop a soft corner for Maya? Or is he going to ignore her once again?

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