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Dilruba Episode-6 Review: Sanam gets Nikkahfied with Razi!

Dilruba the drama serial running on HUM TV revolves around flirting and its deadliest consequences. The play has taken a drastic turn, Sanam gets Nikkahfied that too with Razi! Well, after what Sanam has done with Sabih and Junaid, she certainly does not deserve Razi who is a gem heart. The plot as I have stated before has a few loopholes. Mohib Mirza’s performance is simply brilliant in this episode.

The episode begins when Sabhi is at Sanam’s place and he brings Gajras for her. Sanam is still very artfully playing with his feelings by replying to him with her sugar-coated fake display of love. She is such a loose character girl that she even allows Sabhi to kiss her hands! When Erum sees this and tries to question Sanam about her conduct she proudly claims that she is doing Dilagi, she tells her that she is just playing around otherwise he is not equal in any way to her so why would she even think that she is serious with him, she says that she is cashing him and it is him who gets attracted towards her.

Sabhi overhears all this and it is so heartbreaking to see a kind heart person shattered like that. Razi who himself is a gem tries to ask Sabhi the name of the girl who has done this with him, he is resolute that he is not going to spare her but Sabhi says he does not want anything bad for her. Well it is so unconvincing the way Zoya’s family is behaving, if they are greedy and mean people then why are they showing off their true colors before marriage? Realistically speaking vile people do hide their true colors before marriage but here Zoya’s mother is too stupid that she ruins her own daughter’s life because of her fake ego.

Junaid is another loyal but extremely dumb person who gets sick when Sanam is not receiving his calls. Her mother goes to Sanam’s place but there Sanam simply denies that she does not know any Junaid! On this Junaid’s mother questions Sanam’s mother who has she ever tried to find out from where she gets so many expensive gifts, threatens Sanam that she will marry her off with Sabih.

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Well Sanam’s mother is a nice person but she does not seems not as strict as how she should have been.

The tables turn when poor Razi has to call off his marriage when Zoya demands Razi that his family has to come and apologize to her mother for God knows what reason. Razi has done the right thing but then family elders suggest Razi’s mother to make Sanam her daughter in law. She is ready to accept her but Sanam has issues she does not want to get married that soon but then her mother who is being mean convinces her to marry Razi. She happily says I do on her nikkah right in front of Sabih, the situation is really awkward. Poor Sabhi does not deserve this nor that cunning Sanam deserves such a gem heart Razi.

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