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Dobara episode-30 Review: Mahir is torn between Mehru and Narmeen

Hum TV drama serial Dobara is one of my favorite Prime Time Watch, and we find its progressive narrative so refreshing. Performances are top-notch. In the previous episode, we have seen that Mahir’s path crosses with his ex-flame Narmeen. In this episode, Mahir seems to be torn between his ex-lover and his wife Mehru. It is shown that his heart is inclining towards his first love.

Well, we certainly do not like Narmeen at all and we are rooting for Mehru and Mahir. We get to know that Narmeen is a divorcee and apparently single. Narmeen treats Mahir so rudely accusing him to be a greedy person who marries an elderly woman just for sake of money. Instead of getting a shut-up call by Mahir. It is Mahir who is quick to apologize and requests her to rejoin the office after her resignation.

We have seen Mahir getting extremely angry, particularly it is his passion for Narmeen and his confusion that is making him act like that. He is torn between his first love and his wife. He still loves Mehru and sort of missing her but still, his heart beats for his first love. Narmeen is shown to be someone having no grace at all she is clearly blaming him to be greedy but on the other hand, she is getting flattered by Mahir’s advancements. She cancels her resignation and rejoins the office further she accepts his invitation to lunch.

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Our heart goes out to Mehru, who we all know, will eventually fade out in Mahir’s eyes. Mahir is trying to tell himself that Narmeen she is just his good old friend and he is also trying his best to be nice to Mehru. Mehru is out of the station when she receives Mahir’s angry message where he also states that he is missing her badly which makes Mehru’s day.

Narmeen has no moral campus at one hand she is taunting Mahir about his marriage and more than that he is making him believe that he is not happy in marrying an elderly woman. On the other hand, she is being nice to Mahir and she also accepted the lunch he has thrown for her birthday. Narmeen tells him that she feels not doing the right thing. Mahir assures her that he loves his wife and she is just a good old friend. I am wondering what kind of character Narmeen is because after being reluctant with Mahir ends up saying that she has always and only loved him. Will Mahir give his first love a second chance? or will Mehru let Mahir go with Narmeen? We wait to watch the next episode to know more.

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