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Dobara Episode-5 Review: Mahir and Mehru’s friendship is getting stronger

Dobara the progressive story is a big-time winner at HUM TV. With brilliant execution by Danish Nawaz and incredible performances by Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas, the play has become our favorite Primetime watch. In the previous episode, we have seen how Mahir’s stepmother ruins his only chance to marry his love. In this episode, Mahir’s stepmother throws him out of the house and Mahir opens up to Mehru sharing his problems with her.

Mahir is really miserable after talking with Naveen, she has broken up with him. When Mahir returns home at night his stepmother throws all his stuff from the gate and refuses to take him in. Poor Mahir spends the whole night sleeping in the park. The other morning Mehru sees Mahir sleeping like that on the grass she asks him why he is lying like that.

Mahir opens up with Mehru and starts sharing with her his problems, how his rishta gets rejected how his stepmother has thrown him out of the house. He very honestly shares everything with her even that he has stolen his Dadi’s bangles so that he can impress Naveen but his stepmother has called him a thief. Mehru offers him to have breakfast with her and then she drops him at his friend’s place.

Mahir truly respects Mehru when his friend tries to cheekily call her sugar mama kind material, he gives his friend a shut-up call telling him that Mrs. Hadiyatullah is really decent and a nice lady but his cheap friend suggests he should take full advantage of such relationships and to cash this friendship the thought of which disgusts Mahir. However it is shown that Mahir’s situation is getting worse his friend is not ready to share his place with him, he wants him to contribute his share and Mahir’s father is not ready to take him back home.

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Mehru fixes Afaan and Sehar’s wedding, Sehar and his family seem greedy kind of superficial people but Phopho is taking Afaan’s side so Mehru had to agree on everything. Phupho is cooking a game in her head. Mehru’s son-in-law sees her having breakfast at a cafe with a boy, he gets shocked and worried too but he is wise enough not to share anything with his wife. Mahir comes to see Mehru in her house and Phupho sees him too. Mehru is in no way coming slow nor she is ready to compromise she is resolute to live her life on her terms.

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