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Meri Shehzadi Episode-25 Review: Shahana steps down as CM

Social media and public go against Shahana, she has to step out.

Meri Shehzadi the Hum TV drama serial is down with 25 Episodes, well the play is dragging at places but its episode definitely ends up leaving a hook. This episode in particular belongs to Atiqa Odho jee with her brilliant performance and the range of emotion she has masterfully exhibited. In the previous episode, we have seen Dr Hassan doing a press conference for Dania. In this episode, public opinion and social media go against Shahana and she has to step down from her seat as CM.

Dr Hassan in his press conference states that Dania is being given severe psychotic medicines which can cause depression and even can make the person suicidal. He says that he has enough proof and evidence to prove who is behind all this. Then we have seen Police arrest the nanny who was involved in dosing Dania. Dania’s attitude is a bit melted towards him as she is grateful for his support.

Party Chairman calls the meeting and he insults Shahana and Shehroze. Atiqa Odho has given a spectacular performance her breaking down and realizing that she might be going to lose her seat. However, her break-out scene is a bit dragged she has started putting the whole blame on her son asking him when he will become her strength. The following scene in the restaurant reminds us of real-life incidents where the public bashes politicians in a similar way.

Shahana’s abuse of power has finally come to an end when social media goes against her. The Party chairperson calls Sahahna and asks her to resign. Shahana asks Moiz to pen down a resignation letter. Shahana steps down from the seat of CM and she no longer has any protocol. Shahana like a proto-politician is worried about her bank accounts. She asks Shehroze to bring Dania back!

One wonders what kind of bubble Shahana is living in after all they have done with Dania she still thinks that Dania is going to come back. Shahana is interested because Dania is one of the names suggested for CM. Well, Dania surprises everyone by rejecting the Chief Ministership by saying that she cannot be part of any revenge game. She wants to help people in her own simple and humble capacity she does not want to compromise on that. Party Chairman is all praises for Dania and so is the public. She once again becomes the Queen of people’s hearts. Well, the play fails to show how come Dania become Queen of hearts? By the way, by becoming Chief Minister of a province, she can help people at a larger level Dania literally makes no sense!

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Rameeza Nasim

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