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Mohabbat Chor Di Maine Ep 23-29 overview: Komal sets a new plan to control every one

Mohabbat Chor Di Maine the drama airing at Geo Entertainment with it every new episode reveals how the relationships are paying the price of the bad decisions taken in the past.

Omar (Mohsin Abbas Haider) is for sure torn between his two wives but is super annoyed when he finds out that Komal (Hajra Yamin) in her ignorance had kept his other wife and newborn son locked in a room for two days. In a rage, he has dropped Komal off at her parents’ place and threatened to divorce her if she is unable to fix herself and her mistakes.

It is shown that Komal has started her treatment and has been given sedatives that have left her sleepy all the time and her father is worried for her well-being. he has decided to not let Komal return to Omar’s house as he thinks it was his mistake to let her go for the first time when they discovered about Omar’s second marriage.

Omar is lost in his thoughts recalling his love for Komal and feels guilty of his attitude on the other hand he is given cold shoulder to his second wife Sehar (Mariyam Nafees) and blames her for not taking care of Komal’s daughter and wants her to learn modern cooking.

Komal who is staying at her father’s place in fits of anger as she finds her friends have known about her health condition, and in the meantime, Omar enters the room. Komal shouts at him for ridiculing her in front of her friends, comforts him, and orders to leave at once. Omar has no choice but to oblige.

And later Omar brings back Komal to home and its storage how Komal’s father has allowed her to go back keeping her mental health in view. It is a new challenge for Seher as she feels totally neglected and on the other hand, her mother is insisting to visit her as her cousin continues with his threats.

Komal tries to clarify to Omat that her house that she considered her safe heaven has collapsed Seher now lives here. Omar tries to console Komal by saying it was her decision to bring Sehar here and if that is now annoying her, he will buy Seher a separate home.

Seher yet again draws Omar’s wrath as she tries to convince him to agree to Zaini her sister-in-law’s proposal for Hazim who happens to the Komal’s cousin. But Omar instantly refuses by calling him a homewrecker. Home’s environment is at worst when Zaini Blames Komal for creating an issue out of non-issue and reason for not letting her marry Hazim and Omar wants her to apologize.

It is finally revealed that Komal wanted to marry her stepmother’s nephew Hazim but her mother did not let that happen and Komal was left betrayed and developed her sense of insecurity and now she doesn’t want at any cost her widow SIL to marry Hazim. On the other hand, Hazim still loves Komal and wants her to get rid of her husband. But Komal is still meeting with Hazim secretly.

It seems like Komal is piloting something against Hazim as she invited all the family and initiates talk about Hazim and Zaini’s marriage. But in front of everyone, Hazim declared that he thinks of Zaini as her sister leaving his mother the most satisfied. There is another parallel story, Komal’s stepbrother has refused to marry Hazim’s sister proposal. And Hazim’s family thinks it’s because of Komal that he has rejected Alina.

Seher has discovered that Komal is not taking her medicines and she is faking her illness to control Omar. She has left with no choice to keep quiet but it’s Zaini who finds thrown away tablets in Seher’s room and the secret is revealed. Zaini smartly shows all the pills to Omar and who is super upset that she was making him a fool.

While Seher’s stepbrother is back from England and she is now planning to marry Zaini with Bazil and she succeeds. Zaini is now married to Komal’s brother. The story is now moving fast, Sehar’s mother is here to visit her but Omar is still upset with Komal after the medicine hiding stint and he is unable to forgive her.

Komal can’t tolerate Seher’s mother in her house and it’s the new center of arguments between Omar and her now. Will Komal realize that she has created new problems?

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