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Pehchaan Episode-15 and 16 Review: Sharmeen starts living with her Phupho Safina

Hum TV drama serial Pehchaan is one modern take on feminity. We really admire it but it is getting on our nerves that why Sharmeen is not sharing the actual reason why she wants a divorce? In the previous episodes, we have seen that despite Adnan accusing Sharmeen of having an affair with Aziz she is resolute to get a divorce. In this episode, Sharmeen leaves her parent’s house and starts living with her Phupho Safina.

Finally, we come to know Cookie’s name is Sharmeen. And it is Adnan who has given her the name Cookie. We were wondering why this name Cookie is so different from her real name Sharmeen, the nick makes no sense but it is a nickname for Kehkashaan Adnan’s lady love, he is so evil and mean that he names his wife after his girlfriend.

Adnan has turned to be a real douchebag he used to shout at Sharmeen more often and he used to completely ignore her. He does not even want to take her with him to Turkey. Sharmeen who has lost her identity and given the name of Cookie was fooling all her life that it is just Adnan’s attitude and his way of loving her. Aziz on the other hand since he gets to know that Sharmeen wants a divorce is all lost in her thoughts and he wants to call off his wedding.

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Even Adnan has realized that he had wronged Sharmeen in many ways but he is not ready to accept it. His misogynist self and chauvinistic behavior blind him, letting him believe that whatever he did with Sharmeen was his right but she has no right to stand up for herself and ask for a divorce because she is a mother. Adnan’s chauvinistic ego is not letting him seek an apology. Sharmeen’s siblings are not ready to accept Sharmeen’s demand for a divorce.

Sharmeen is hurt to hear what her family thinks about her. These are the same people who used to praise her all the time and now they are not ready to bear her for a second. As a result, Sharmeen leaves her parent’s house and starts living a new independent life with her Phupho Safina played by Nadia Khan. The thing which is still annoying us is that why she is not opening up with her Phupho telling her the reason why she wants a divorce. She even does not tell anything to Adnan’s sister. Sharmeen is looking for a job, despite having no degree and experience she is successful in landing herself a job in a school on trial basis. It is good and refreshing to see Sharmeen on her journey to find her real self leaving Cookie far behind.

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