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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-11 Review: Chachu is feeding Babar and Chanda’s mind with all his venom

The drama serial Tum Ho Wajah running on HUM TV is the play with the whole plot bases upon the blame game.  Though there is too much negativity in the play,  but that seems to be an over the top approach by the writer. First Chachu and then Shahab’s parents both are plotting against Chanda and her mother.

The saddest part is that Baber who happens to be a gem of a son seems to get influenced by Chachu’s feeding. He starts doubting his own mother and blames her for his father’s death. He is now blindly believing his Chachu that he is not ready to listen to any of his mother’s explanations. Poor Babar’s mother who is not yet over with her husband’s sudden death is now also facing so much pain to see his son’s cold attitude towards her.

Babar seems to be a good son and brother, the way he tries to console her sister in a very affectionate way speaks volumes about his character. The way he says Sitara that now to her he is just like her father and when Sitara complains him about his own old attitude with his mother and when she tells him that how unwell her mother is, how much pain she is facing, his heart starts beating for her mother. The colleague of Sitara’s father who seems to be suspicious, now showing his true colors he tells Sitara that whenever she wants money she can ask from him, his manner is very inappropriate.

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Chanda demands Shahab that she wants to meet her Chachu and Shahab despite of the fact that his parents have strongly forbidden him to let Chanda meet her family. He still tries to make his wife feel a little better he secretly takes her to Chachu’s place making an excuse that he is taking her for a checkup at a hospital. Chachu once again feeds Chanda’s mind with all his venom against his Bhabi Jee making her even sadder. Still, on her way back she still demands Shahab let her meet her family only for once but Shahab reminds her of her promise. Shahab’s parents are so vile that he demands Shahab to show her hospital receipts.

Sitara’s mother does one good thing that she liberates Sitara with the heavy burden of guilt she is carrying on her shoulders that her father died because of her. Not only Sitara, but she also makes Danish feel good by saying that his Chacha’s anger for him was very timely, he loves him and he thinks that Danish is the best match Sitara can ever have. Will Chachu ever going to accept Sitara as his daughter in law? Will Babar ever come to know that the actual reason of his father’s death is not his mother but Chachu?

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