Yaariyan Episode 2 Review: Sadia is paying a hefty price for the sin she has not committed

Geo Entertainment presents drama serial Yaariyan starring the gorgeous Ayza Khan, Momal Shaikh, Junaid Khan and Muneeb Butt in the lead. The play has been penned down by Sameena Aijaz, directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and is DramayBazz Entertainment production. The play revolves around the story of two sisters Zubi (Ayeza Khan) and Sadia (Moomal Sheikh) who are poles apart in personality. The second episode was all about Sadia who is paying a hefty price for a sin she has not committed herself.

The episode starts when Ahmar (Junaid Khan) comes at Sadia’s place to give her surprise on her birthday but before that in their house there is a huge scene going Zubi has brought her boyfriend Umair (Muneeb Butt) to introduce her to Sadia. She does not approve of him considering him a flirt and starts snubbing her and right at the time when she is lifting his collar, Ahmar along with Hamid enters into the scene and without knowing any background and asking for clarification Ahmar misunderstands the situation and he walks out of the house.

Hamid, Sadia’s father also does not listen to her clarification nor Umair’s. He throws Umair out of the house and then he beats the hell out of Sadia as he thinks that she has brought disgrace to the family name and honor. Zubi tries to jump in and save her but his father pushes her so hard that she falls and hits her head at the side of a sofa and immediately faints. Well it seems bit exaggerated that just a push brought so much adversity in Zubi’s life that she goes into a coma.

Sadia’s world has turned upside down as Ahmar is not attending her call. Ahmar despite of the fact that his heart is not going with his thoughts has taken a discussion to close Sadia’s chapter from his life. Sadia’s parents her mother and father both believe that Sadia has a stained character and despite of Sadia’s attempts to clarify herself she is not being listened, she even tries to take her life but then she thinks that she will not a die  Haraam death in fact she will try hard to prove herself in front of all.

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There is a scene where Umair goes to visit Zubi in the hospital. Well one wonders how come Umair knows the hospital name and room number when Sadia has refused to help him. While Umair is paying his visit to Zubi, her mother enters into the room and she is shocked to see Umair there getting worried for Zubi, it clicks in her mind what Sadia is saying that Umair is not with me he is with Zubi! Well miraculously Zubi gets out of the coma hopefully now Sadia’s problem will get solved.

It is great to see Ayeza Khan in a different character, for one playing a mean, headstrong girl, very different from the goody good characters she does. Junaid Khan is impressive and so is Moomal Sheikh. Muneeb Butt, we like as Umair, but we think, he now needs a good character to play after making the audience hate himself as Ahmed in ARY Digital’s Kaisa Hai Naseeban. All in all, Yaariyan is an engaging plot, a drama that’ll keep you entertained for sure.

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Rameeza Nasim

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  • My initial impression is there are many plotholes in this serial. But that aside I am disturbed to see yet another drama reenforcing the misogyny we are so used to seeing in our culture and dramas. The father is more absorbed by his sense of "izzat" ( ah yes the izzat which is apparently manifested in the women of the household who are treated like property and not humans) than his daughters wellbeing. He had no business hitting either daughter. He can hit himself, he can disown them and even throw them out, but hitting and kicking a female shows no respect for Allah, his creation and his commandments. THAT is the real sin.

    If he is so convinced he is in the right, he should have admitted to the doctor that he did this and put his daughter in a coma. The hospital should have informed the police as it is not common for a young female to just fall into a coma. Why did they not do that? Her father should be in jail for his sick violent behaviour. THAT is not love. Fathers dont hit their daughters, fullstop.

    As for Sadia, it takes about 5 to 10 seconds to scream that she doesnt know Umair and Zubi brought him home. So ask Zubi. I cant imagine why it is so difficult to get that out in the open, but then again in that house beating is more effective way of communication then words.

    If your husband does not even care to talk to you, to clarify what has happened, and does not even trust you,then you have no marriage or relationship. Without mutual trust, respect and kindness there can no relationship. Nikah does not create a relation. You as individuals create that bond. They are cousins yet he just follows his mother and goes home and sulks. A real man would have talked to Sadia, asked her whats going one. Sometimes what you see is not what happpened. Thats when trust comes in. So Sadia is better off without Ahmer. He is not husband material. He is just a mamas boy.

    I get this is a drama but it is disturbing that in 2019 we are still indoctrinating viewers and brainwashing them with misguided notions of "izzat" and approving of violence. As parents you dont own your children. Humans are not property. Izzat comes from within. You can not put the burder of your izzat on a female and expect her to always act as you wish. It is wrong and it is why our society isnt progressing socially. They could have shown the father mad but not beat his daughters. They could have shown the mother as more active instead of a silent partner role where sjust follows her husband around.

    Obviously the drama plot has been revealed. So we know where it is going. Sad they could not chosen a different route.

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