Ramadan Picks: 5 water-less ways to stay hydrated

We need to keep our bodies well hydrated during Ramadan to maintain the strength and energy to fast for 30 consecutive days.

Dehydration is the toughest part of fasting, especially in summer, but loading up on water at Suhoor or Iftaar isn’t the best plan.

Here are Oye Yeah’s top five hydrating foods to help you feel energetic, full, hydrated, and happy throughout the holy month.


Watermelon is the perfect fruit to boost energy and hydrate the body. It contains around 90 percent water, while the remainder is mostly natural sugars – perfect for fuel! Plus, it tastes delicious!

Best tip for using watermelon this season would be to cut it into pieces and freeze it in portions, you can use it to make watermelon sherbet throughout Ramadan.

What you have to do it put a portion of frozen watermelon pieces into a blender jug, add red sharbat 2 to 3 tablespoons and blend. Its tried and tested yummiest watermelon juice, or what we call it locally Tarbooz ka Sharbat. Add a few drops lemon also.



Our elders have been telling us since forever to have yogurt or lassi in suhoor. Its because yogurt is packed with nutrients and also has a very cooling effect on the body. You can take it plain or as raita or lassi.

However, due to lockdown, this Ramadan is very different. If it’s not easy for you to get it fresh yogurt, making it at home is a great option. One of our favourite actors has been making homemade dahi for this Ramzan.

Coconut water

A heavenly drink that is available in Pakistan, especially in throughout the year. It not just quenches thirst but also maintains the electrolyte balance in the body. It is also an instant energy booster for days you feel exhausted after breaking fast.

You can buy the fresh coconut water in bulk and freeze it, and use throughout in Ramadan. It can also be added to various smoothies as well.


One of the cheapest easily available veggie is Cucumber, include it in your suhoor or iftaar menu as it has the highest water content of any solid food and contains most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day.

Add cucumbers to your regular chana chaat or in your fruit chaat. Not just adding crunch to the dish, we bet you will love this innovation to your regular iftaar table.


It’s one of the best options to use to line the stomach at Suhoor before you begin your fast because milk is not just an excellent source of calcium but also keeps the body hydrated throughout the day.

There are tons of options available if you don’t want to have a plain regular glass of milk. Go for making shakes, smoothes with whatever fruit easily available. A most simple thing can be adding a few dates to a glass of milk and lots of ice and blend it well, vola a simple nutritious hassle-free glass of date milkshake. Dates because it is the staple food item during Ramazan, else getting fresh fruits on a daily basis during lockdown won’t be easy.

What foods have you included in your diet to stay cool and hydrated? Share with us in the comments below!


Afshan Zahra

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