Oye Picks: Actors who owned 2018 with their characters

There are actors who deliver memorable performances, performances which become once in a lifetime character for all. Like Ahad Raza Mir’s Dr. Asfi last year and Saba Qamar’s Kanwal Baloch, here’s our pick for the best actors of 2018, who completely owned their characters and made us love or hate them intensely!

Nadia Afghan (Suno Chanda)

Nadia Afghan played Farhan Saeed’s mother Shahana in Suno Chanda and absolutely rocked the Punjabi, angry yet adorable mom. Nadia nailed each and every demeanor, her attitude was spot on and we simply fell in love with her character.

Mohsin Abbas Haider (Meri Guriya)

Mohsin Abbas Haider gave an amazing performance as the pedophile Dabeer in Meri Guriya this year. Dabeer was repulsive and yet he managed to make Mohsin Abbas Haider walk right into our hearts because he portrayed Dabeer with so much conviction that you’d find it hard to dissociate the actor and the character.

Amar Khan (Belapur Ki Dayan)

A horror show that was worth watching, Belapur Ki Dayan had Amar Khan playing the dayan Neelofar. This versatile actress brought out her finest performance as the dayan, giving us horrific nightmares for quite some time.

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Feroze Khan (Khaani)

Feroze Khan’s stint as Mir Hadi has to be his best to date. The actor played the arrogant, obnoxious and persistent Mir Hadi with so much finesse, you’d be surprised at his audacity.

Noman Ejaz (Dar Si Jati Hai Sila)

Noman Ejaz has not done a more despicable character than Joyee in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila. And not only that, he did it with so much ease, that we were convinced of Joyee’s shameless personality, his pedophilia and predatory nature.

Sanam Chaudhary (Ghar Titli Ka Par)

This woman took the crown for being so despicable that she made all others pale in comparison. You’d hate Anji’s antics on screen and women cursed her while watching the drama. Sanam Chaudhry brought her A game to the television with Anji, consolidating the fact that she, indeed, is a fine, fine actor.

As much as we’d like to add how impressed we are currently with Muneeb Butt’s performance as Umair, Imran Ashraf’s as Bhola and Iqra Aziz’s as Noori, we’ll take them into account next year, because hey, the dramas have a lot more to offer right now.

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