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Yasir Hussain lashes out at Feroze Khan for leaking private numbers

"A stupid man hits his wife and then leaks our numbers online," Yasir Hussian said.

Yasir Hussain lashed out at Feroze Khan for leaking private numbers!

In a series of Instagram stories, the Aik Thi Laila director shared snapshots with captions meant to explain the ordeal he has to face after Feroze Khan previously shared and later deleted his number on his official Twitter handle.

“A stupid man first hits his wife and then publicly shares our numbers online. Now, due to this, a child has been constantly messaging me to cast him in dramas, otherwise, he’s threatening me to give him Rs100,000,” Yasir Hussain wrote while further asking his followers for advice.

“Please tell me, what should I do?” Yasir Hussain wrote.

In his next Insta Story, Yasir Hussain shared a screenshot of the aforementioned threats with a message.

“This person has sent me his personal number, yet I won’t publicize it. Do you know why? Because I went to school and that should count for something. It should show that you are educated. Shame on you, stupid man,” Yasir wrote.

In his next story, Yasir Hussain shared another screenshot, with a caption saying, went “Thankyou Feroze Khan, you have sent a Falak Shabir fan to me too! May God reward you for these actions. Can I also make your fans meet you too?”


It didn’t end there, after sharing all his concerns in a series of Instagram Stories, Yasir Hussain then took a dig at the actor.

Yasir Hussain posted a star-studded photo on Instagram that featured several popular celebrities with the caption,  “A day before my number was leaked! It’s surprising that the super START didn’t mention his own wife’s name, but shared every other women’s details online.”

It all started a day ago when Feroze Khan shared that he has served a legal notice to a number of celebrities including his former wife Aliza Sultan for defaming him.

The personal details of the celebrities mentioned in the filed suit were made public after Feroze Khan shared a defamation suit notice on Twitter.

However, Feroze Khan later deleted the said notice from social media.

He instead wrote, “Defamation legal notice has been served by my legal team to those for [sharing] false and baseless allegations.”

But the internet never forgets, the notice went viral by the time Feroze Khan removed it from his official Twitter account with an impressive following of almost 442,000 followers.



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