Cheekh Episode 18 Review: Pick up pace please

 Badar Mehmood’s brilliant direction and excellent portrayal of their respective characters by Saba Qamar, Emaad Irfani, Aijaz Aslam and Bilal Abbas have definitely given Cheekh the top spot in all drama ratings today. However, we feel that the plot is very slow paced. Not weak but slow paced so much so that over the weeks we have had no significant development in the play at all.

This week saw episode 18 airing and yet Wajih’s truth is to come out in front of the public and the law. He’s roaming free like a wild beast, destroying all that he wants, doing everything he pleases.

So Mannat finds her mother locked up in a store and goes to Wajih’s place to insult him for resorting to such low blows. She does not only stop at that but hits Wajih hard and clearly tells Yawar how wrong he is in supporting Wajih.

Haya who is listening to everything connects all the dots and understands the actual situation.

Haya visits Mannat and finally has things settle down, with their equation coming back to normal. On the other hand we see Yawar divorcing his wife upon finding out he’s still infertile. In his rage he accepts that he could never father a child and had fake reports to which Shawar says that she had done the same. However, nothing calms Yawar down and he divorces his wife in anger.

Haya finds everything extremely disturbing and confides in Mannat, who takes stress and is bed ridden. Her lawyer has to plead her absence because of her illness from court proceedings and therefore is granted a new date giving Wajih more time to manipulate things in his own favor.


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Rameeza Nasim

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  • I forgot about Shahwar.

    First I am confused about the continuous use of Triple /Instant Talaq, which according to my knowledge is prohibited by law in Pakistan. Why does ARY and writers like Zanjabeel Asim Shah keep pushing for this innovation? Isnt Pakistan suffering from enough iliteracy and ignorance as it is? The only talaq allowed by Allah is written clearly in the Quran. It takes you 3 months. Not sooner.

    Secondly Yawar took 10 yrs of her life, was impotent but had fake reports made to show her as infertile, constantly denigrating her "adhoori aurat" and threatening her life if she objected to anything and still isnt man enough to see his wrong ways (including covering for his psychopath and murderous brother Wajih) - yet she is sad about the divorce? Seriously? What is wrong with our women? Do you own no self respect? HE cost you 10 years. Years you could have spent remarrying somebody worthy and have your family.

    Also what do you expect from somebody as egotistical, immoral and selfish as Yawar? If you wanted to stay with him and be humiliated daily then you should have not revealed anything.

    She was his silent partner. As long as she bowed her head and followed his whims, all was well. As long as she wanted something, he went amok.

    Oppression if haram on the momin. Man or woman. Yet a female author wrote this drama enforcing the haram Talaq e Bidah (only practised among desi Muslims) and then showing oppressed women.

    VERY disappointing. Misogyny sadly does not only come from men. Some of our women like these writers are perfectly indoctrined with it too and passing it on to the next generation and young viewers as something that is acceptable. Sabr and comprimise are not synonymous for women.

  • Pregnancy is not an illness. Just saying.

    It was a grave mistake for Mannat and Shayan to disclose to the court and there through Wajih that she was expecting. Next weeks teaser (or rather spoiler) shows that she will lose her baby. I predicted thatonce her lawyer mentioned it in court. The sign of a drama going bad is its predictability.

    Cheekh was written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah who also wrote Balaa. Common sense seem to evade her authorship. People who are up against corrupt systems and dangerous individual with no moral compass will not serve their weaknesses on a silver platter. Somebody else would have gotten a medical extension of court date without mentioning their pregnancy. Nobody else would not leave their mother to live alone when Wajih the wolf is running loose. Nobody would have readily accepted Haya, a fickle, individual back into their life. IN fact they should not even have told Haya about her pregnancy. Remember she is Wajihs brother and failed to connect the dots when there were plenty of red flags: Her ex-fiance, Wajih lying, nobody corroborating Wajihs account of being beaten up etc.

    Also the judge looks like he might as well not be there.

    So until episode 18 I was really loving the drama despite its plotholes. But to show Wajih fighting Mannat in next weeks soiler (I mean teaser....) again defies logic. You know he is dangerous and will do anything. Why on earth would you go out without security or your husband and put yourself in harms way? Why is she shown running? Where is her phone? Why not simply walk into a shop, call your husband/police and wait. He cant hurt you with witnesses.

    So sad that ARY and Zanjabeel have ruined the drama and you can count on this dragging out and with more predictable plot holes.

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