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Dewaar-e-Shab Episode-22 Review: Gaitee is delighted to see Salaar back in her life

Deewar-e -Shab is a drama serial based on Aaliya Bukhari’s novel with the same title. It is an interesting and engaging serial that revolves around the life of courtesan Sitara Jahan. The drama serial is getting intense as the story proceeds. Bushra Ansari is outdoing her role as Sitara Jahan. Sara Khan, Shezaad Shaikh, Shehroze Subzwari, Kinza Hashmi and Osama Tahir are also giving their best performances in this play.

The episode begins when Joya’s forced engagement is taking place, Joya is sitting next to Ijaz expressionless and tears in her eyes. Her soul is dead. It makes us wonder why Ijaz and his family has not noticed the very evident unhappiness on Joya’s face and that she is clearly not interested in this. Zubia is also feeling bad for Joya, she is unable to understand that why she is leaving Maaz and getting engage with Ijaz, she tries to convince Joya but she says that her happiness now lies in her family’s happiness.

Maaz gets the job and it is his first day at the new work. He is in a jolly mood at the breakfast when he sees the sweet box and inquires what it is for? Maaz’s mother tells him that it is Joya’s engagement’s sweets. It has clearly upset him but he has not shown any reaction in front of his parents. Rabia and Maaz’s mother goes to congratulate Joya’s family on her engagement. Joya’s sadness is very much evident from her face and her tears but she says to Rabia that she is happy and she has nothing to do with Maaz.

Gaitee Ara is sad about Salaar’s absence and she thinks that he is deliberately ignoring her. Sitara Jahan is too missing him and she expresses it but Gaitee says that why she is missing him when he is ignoring us, right at the moment Salaar enters into the room. Gaitee is delighted to see him back but she pretends that she is angry with him. Salaar clears himself by telling about his illness. She tells her about Feroza khala and Salaar asks her about Khayyam he tells him that he is his friend on which Gaitee says that he is such a rude person that he cannot have such friends. Salaar says that he has an idea where he has gone and also that he can help them in finding him but Gaitee clearly refuses to take any help she says that she does not need to find him, he has left them with his will.

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Dildaar Khala has taken a very hefty amount in advance for a private function for Almas, for which she is not ready to participate but she is insisting that she will not return the money and she has to perform. They are arranging functions at their house with loud music running all night and suspicious people coming to that party. It has made Sitara Jahan super angry as she is a courtesan with some values she is angry with her sister for throwing such cheap functions at her place. She decides to visit her place to scold Dildaar and her daughter Gulnaaz, they are scared when they come to know that Sitara Jahan is coming.

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