Khafa Khafa Zindagi – Episode 19 Review

Khafa Khafa Zindagi airs on APlus Entertainment on every Wednesday at 8PM. It is a production of Sadia Jabbar, one of the most renowned names in television industry. The drama is based on a story of a couple whose love marriage could not stand the test of time and money leading to a divorce.

Episode 19 of Khafa Khafa Zindagi that aired on 9th of January continues with Abid leaving Sara’s house. He puts his hands forward and Sara reluctantly shakes his hand. Afroze spots Gulzar in her room and confronts Sara, becoming angry at what she is doing and how much trouble it is causing Bilal. She tells Sara if she cannot stay away from her kids, then she should return to Bilal.

Gulzar is unhappy with Sara saying he saw her talking and smiling with Abid and also saw her shake his hand. Sara promises she will never marry Abid and he will have to trust her in this regards.

Bilal’s mother and Amber call Rameen to ask her what she has decided to which she says that she does not mind marrying Bilal as he is a good man but her father might put concern as he is already worried about her previous divorce.

Sara’s mother calls Abid again to thank him for coming to her house and takes the chance to tell Abid that he and Sara seem like a perfect match and even though Sara will never say it, he will have to initiate the relation and then she will easily convince Sara for marriage.

As Sara walks into his office, Abid takes her for dinner which Sara accepts after refusing several times. In the restaurant Abid proposes her with a pair of flower asking her to accept his marriage proposal. Sara is immediately shocked as she says, “aap mazak kar rahay hain na.” She cancels her order and leaves the restaurant saying she is waiting outside.

Her answer of rejection becomes very clear to Abid. Sara comes home and removes all anger at her mother saying she is ruining her professional and personal life but Sara’s mother and Maliha is still convinced that Sara and Abid must marry as he is capable of taking full care of her because he has everything.

Bilal calls Rameen to apologize for his mother and Amber’s behavior with Rameen and for pressurizing her into marrying Bilal. Rameen tells him that he shouldn’t worry about it as this is the elder’s way of thinking about their children.

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Bilal’s mother has a small dispute with Rameen on call because she asks why Amber hasn’t married still. A flashback then opens to showing that Amber was in love with Saddique (her neighbor) and they both wanted to get married. When his mother refused to take Amber as his daughter in law, he commits suicide leaving sad and lonely Amber behind.

Sara’s mother walks into Sara’s room and sees Gulzar. She gets furious and starts hitting him but Afroze and her father protect him. Afroze snatching her mother’s phone, calls Sara home and protects Gulzar until she comes home.
The drama ends with Rameen telling Bilal that she has started having feeling for him which leaves Bilal amazed. On the other hand, Sara comes back home and warns her mother that if she does not tolerate Gulzar or calls Bilal to take him away, she will leave the home along with Gulzar.

Keep watching Khafa Khafa Zaindagi as this drama is definitely turning into the climax we have been waiting for.


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