Mere Pass Tum Ho Episode 2 Review: Crisp and precise!

So we were treated to another episode of the most hyped about drama, Mere Pass Tum Ho, and just like the first one, this one too was crisp and very precise. What we like about Mere Pass Tum Ho is that the drama has come straight to the point without going around in circles. We’ve been shown personality traits very openly. Where Danish absolutely loves his wife, Mehwish loves money more than anything. Danish is a hopeless romantic when it comes to Mehwish, whereas she’s vain, to the point that she does not want to offend a wealthy man, who dares to comment against her husband, whom she proclaims to have a love marriage with.

This week we saw Adnan Siddiqui’s entry into the play, as Shahwar. We have to say, Adnan Siddiqui fits the bill of the character perfectly. Shahwar is suave, sophisticated and unapologetic. He’s made it in life and flaunts. It seems good looking women are his weakness and he has his eyes set upon Mehwish now.

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Mehwish, who, is drowning in vanity doesn’t even pay heed to what Danish has to say. She leaves and does things according to her own free will. She, too, is unapologetic to the point that she straight away asks for a huge loan from her friend while knowing that the family has no means to pay it back. What matters to Mehwish is the fulfillment of her desires and she knows she’s capable to fulfilling them herself if her husband fails, about whom she isn’t much concerned.

On the other hand, Danish, who has nothing more on his mind than to please his wife, is shown to be extremely under her spell that he kicks away the morals his father instilled in him, just to get his hands on some extra cash. Being a government officer in a position helps his pave his way to earning more than his salary through bribes.

There was another scene that commanded full attention. When Danish tells Bunty, the neighborhood stud, that he doesn’t like to own things which have been previously touched by someone else, tells a lot about his personality. He might be all soft and mushy for his wife, but Danish is possessive and it’ll be good to see what he does when his possessiveness comes into play as he feels his life threatened by Shahwar’s entry.

This week’s episode showed how Mehwish was okay with the way the elite class functioned in the society. She had no problems with drinking and minor flirtation and was keen to make sure she didn’t offend Shahwar when she turned him down for a dance. Her only friend Anoushay, is rich but herself has no regards for Mehwish or her family. She’s okay leaving Mehwish’s kid unattended with the driver and Mehwish, who is nothing more than a khoobsurat woman, is okay with doing just that.

One thing which we’re sure is that Mehwish’s vanity will soon destroy her happy family. The woman is constantly in search for more and its her thirst that’ll never quench. Yes its like we’ve seen the likes of Mere Pass Tum Ho before on television and in cinema but its the chemistry and performances that the lead cast including Ayeza Khan, Humayun Saeed and Adnan Siddiqui bring on screen that makes Mere Pass Tum Ho, a good watch.

P.S: We absolutely love to see Adnan Siddiqui trying out Shahwar’s role. The small dance stint was adorable, albeit that it intended to show him in a rather negative light.

The upcoming week’s promo will show how Shahwar’s constant attention compels Danish to step out of his comfort zone. All in all, this week’s episode of Mere Pass Tum Ho was crisp and precise without any backstories or sub plots to distract the viewers from what’s being shown on screen. Nadeem Baig is an excellent director and he knows how to extract the finest performances from his cast. Each and every attention to detail is commendable. For now, we’re hooked to Mere Pass Tum Ho.

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