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Pinjra Episode-18 Review: Javaid finally realizes that his lawyer is cheating!

There is no such story development in this episode

Pinjra the drama serial airing at ARY Digital after 18 episodes seem to be a bit dragged and there is no such story development in the latest episode. Performances are all brilliant but there are certain loopholes in the story which is unfortunate for such an excellent play. In the previous episode, we have seen that court ordered Abhaan’s ossification test under its own supervision. In this episode, there is no court hearing, and Javaid finally gets the realization that his lawyer is cheating on him.

Wajiha is crying her heart out when she comes to know that Abhaan had not initiated any fight in the school but in reality, he has been assaulted well the gravity of the word assault is still absurd. Do we assume that poor Abhaan was also sexually assaulted? However, there is no such hint given which is why we assume that the boy has not been sexually assaulted.

It looks so absurd that Khadija has not sensed while seeing her child’s bruises and injuries that it is not merely a fight. This is a loophole in the story that she just casually gets worried by seeing Abhaan lying on the bed. Never she questioned how could her child fight with big guys or how come he is so brutally injured. It is only through Wajiha both Khadija and Javaid come to know about Abhaan’s assault.

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Well, Javaid has taken too long to realize the fact that his own lawyer is cheating on him and for that delay poor Abhaan has to pay its cost. Javaid only realizes this when he receives evidence through Wajiha. Never he has seen his lawyers misleading the case? Eventually, Javaid permits Khadija to hire a lawyer herself and says that this time he will not get involved except to pay the fees.

Then we have seen Fardaan and Azaan going to the Basement studio and meeting a guy who happens to be Khadija’s old classmate. He recognizes her by name and wishes to meet her which Fardaan and Azaan excuse him by explaining to them the whole situation they are stuck into. This new character seems like a ray of hope that he will eventually be going to help them out in some way. He is going to help Abhaan or Khadija in reviving their lost love for music. Anyways, apparently, the situation is quite hopeless wishing Abhaan gets out of jail soon.

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