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Tum Ho Wajah Episode-6 Review: Chanda’s mother’s silence will create troubles for her own self

Tum Ho Wajah the drama serial airing at HUM TV is a play that revolves around the blame game. This episode seems to be unnecessarily dragged, no major development so far, the blame game continues and Chanda’s mother is the one who is silently taking all the burden on herself. Saveira Nadeem and Shahood Alvi’s performance is what makes this serial worth watching.

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Well, one of the most annoying things is Chanda’s mother hiding the situation from her husband when his husband is so respectful and caring. He is almost kind of pleading her to tell the truth still she is being silent on such a sensitive situation when in reality she has already faced a huge blunder because of her silence in form of Chanda’s elopement, but still, she is hiding the situation. She is bearing all the burden of the blame on herself for the sake of her daughter’s happiness. However; her daughter is not realizing her mother’s unconditional love she is just blinded by Shahab’s love.

Shahab’s parents on the other hand are so vile, they are the exact opposite of Chanda’s parents. Shahab’s mother very carefully feeds Shahab’s mind against Chanda’s family by lying about Chanda’s mother saying that she has misbehaved with his father. Shahab gets angry about knowing that Chanda’s mother has misbehaved with his father and he later expresses his anger with Chanda who starts hating her mother even more.

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On top of that Chanda’s Chachu is brain washing her more against her mother. Well, one wonders how can a girl be so insecure about her mother? particularly when her mother is so caring and loving how can she believe anyone else and it is so disturbing that she believes when her chachu says that maybe her mother has stolen her ring. It is making no sense, poorly written, and executed. Poor Babar on the other hand is facing all taunts from the people.

Danish is one positive character in this play who for the very first time questions Chanda that how can you believe others but not your own mother? He is the one who tells his Tayee that she does not have to hide it anymore otherwise she is going to create troubles for her own self. However it looks so pathetic and annoying when Chanda’s mother still does not share anything with her husband. This episode ends when Babar shoots Shahab it seems that he has killed him or is it just a dream?

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