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Mehmood Aslam opens up about being replaced form flop flick Kaaf Kangana

It was last year when after a much delay, Khalilur Rehman directorial debut film Kaaf Kangana was released and the much-hyped project went down unimpressive at the box office.

Pakistan one of the most senior actor Mehmood Aslam was also part of the said film in the beginning but he was somehow replaced along with actor Saba Hameed.

While appearing on Waseem Badami’s show on ARY, Mehmood Aslam for the first time has opened up about being replaced from the film by Khalilul Rehman Qamar.

“My shoot was 90% done, so was Saba’s but then they had a fight,” he said.

The shoot, Aslam explained about the shoot that it was supposed to get complete in 10 days but he ended up giving the film an extra eight days, making it 18 days of shooting.

And according to Mehmood Aslam, Qamar asked him for more time. “I agreed but it didn’t work out because Saba and he were still in a fight. Eventually, he let her go.”

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He also claimed that Qamar Sahab wanted to reshoot immediately. “I was already booked for another film (Wrong No. 2) in Hyderabad and told him I’ll wrap up the other shoot and come back,” he explained.

“He called me later and said that he had nothing against me but if I was okay with it, he wanted to replace me,” said Aslam.

“What was I supposed to say? I said okay; but let me tell you, an actor is king and cannot be replaced,” he added.

Aslam said: “There was only one Sultan Rahi, no one could replace him after his death. A writer is dependent on the director and actor. An actor is there to put life in his words.”

Meanwhile, after the Kaaf Kangana’s release, Khalilur Rehman Qamar apologized to Saba Hameed and Mehmood Aslam.

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