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Dilruba Episode-5 Review: Sanam is going to get in a huge mess

Dilruba the drama serial running at HUM TV is although a bold take on flirting, even though; the plot is flawed and has many loopholes still it is engaging. Hania Amir’s bubbly disposition is a treat to watch, however, at some points Hania’s acting fails to be convincing, at places she makes us feel that she is a character and she is acting, we are not able to see the range of her acting as we have seen in Aana.

One of the loopholes of the plot is that when Sabih and her mother already dislike Zoya’s family and they both strongly share the view that they are greedy and mean people, then why Bi Jaan takes Razi at Zoya’s place to see her? She should have dropped the idea of meeting that family. Why she takes Razi with her and expecting him to reject the girl and why she is so disturbed when she knows that Razi is in love ( Blind love at first sight) with Zoya? Razi’s attachment and his sudden infatuation with Zoya make no sense. It is clearly evident that Zoya’s family is very disrespectful and mean with Bi Jaan but still he is persistent to marry Zoya. Well, now it seems that he is seriously having second thoughts about his marriage after the scene Zoya’s mother created at Mehndi.

Sanam is very conveniently playing her love game with apparently three boys at a time. The worst is what she is doing is with Sabih. She is cashing him at her best. Poor Sabih! well, one wonders why he is so much carried away that he thinks that Sanam loves him and she will marry him when he has already been rejected for Erum because of age difference. Then why he is so confident that this time his Maami is going to accept him with such a huge age difference?  it is the power of flirt which makes one think so high. Sanam is continuously exhibiting pretense of love to him. We really feel bad for him. He is all set to talk to Bi Jan about Sanam’s proposal and he has made Sanam extremely worried when he shares his plans with her. The mess has already been created!

Another innocent to the extend of being dumb is the second boy, the shop owner Junaid who is showering her with expensive gifts. His father is suspicious about his son’s activities so he follows him and there he sees him presenting a very expensive suit to Sanam. Junaid’s father is extremely furious he wants to take his proposal at her house as soon as possible. Despite of Junaid’s opposition, her mother asks him to call her. Sanam gets so anxious when Junaid tells her about his father’s plans she tells him not to come at her place and she cuts the call. Well, it is a loud and clear message for Junaid that she is least interested in him but still, Junaid is being dumb.

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Well, little knows Sanam about this bad world, as she thinks that she is very much aware of, her boy no. 3 Ayaz is really a dangerous person with deadly intentions of trapping her. He calls her and offers her a modeling shoot. Initially Sanam resists but then she seems convinced. Ayaz calls her alone which itself sounds so creepy. Then the way Ayaz is trying to be close with Sanam and the way his creepy looking friend is staring at her is really way eerie. Here I would like to appreciate Ayaz’s creepy friend, his expressions are so convincing that even it is making us feel cringy. He will create a huge mess in Sanam’s life she has so idea that he has trapped her. The rest of the mess is created by Sanam herself yes she has no idea she has already messed up with her life and reputation as well.

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