Do Bol Episode 1 & 2 Review: An intense beginning

Sometimes one wants to sit down and relax in front of the television. At this time, we don’t want to be bombarded with dramas that are brimming with social commentary but instead enjoy watching something that entertains only.

Although we’ve only seen two episodes and we don’t know if the drama would touch upon any social issue, we’re liking Do Bol on ARY Digital for its simplicity. Do Bol, directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain is the story of Gaiti, played by Hira Mani.

The play starts with a bubbly Gaiti’s  who is shown obsessed about shopping, dresses and jewelry. Gaiti is portrayed as a full of life, lovely girl who is facing lot of hate by her own family members and particularly her own father because of her mother’s past misconduct. What her mother has actually done hasn’t still been disclosed (although hints were given about her running away) but it seems like the family has gone through a very bitter experience and for that they are punishing poor Gaiti by hating and ignoring her. Well Gaiti is not absolutely unlucky because there are people around her who love her unconditionally among which is her stepmother, her cousin and Badar!

Badar is their family servant, son of their Munshi. Munshi Saab’s health condition does not allow him to carry the job further so Badar has left his studies in the middle and has started helping his father by looking after the matters of Iqbal Hussain. Badar is head over heels in love with Gaiti since his childhood but Gaiti is not aware of this. She treats him like a servant and never empathizes his sincere feelings for her. In fact Gaiti has always been extremely rude to her.  Badar is not the only person who loves Geeti unconditionally and passionately. There is the charming Sameer, Badar’s childhood friend whom Gaiti also loves her since her childhood. Sameer is educated, handsome and brother of Hisam who is going to be Gaiti’s phupa. So yes it is the beginning of an exquisite love triangle where trials and tribulations are awaiting poor Gaiti.

It seems Gaiti also loves Sameer as she seem impressed by his personality but her cousin Neelum too likes Sameer and therefore we’ll definitely be seeing some trouble in the paradise.

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Gaiti is blessed with a gem of a step mother who loves her unconditionally and always takes her side. Well there is another person in the list of Gaiti’s admirers, Zafar. Yes her arrogant and spoiled cousin wants to marry her but he does not respect her at all in fact he tries to harass Gaiti whenever he gets a chance.

Also Zafar’s mother, Gaiti’s eldest phupo despises her and wants to make Neelum her daughter in law. But Neelum’s mother and father excuse themselves from this proposal by saying that they have already fixed Neelum’s engagement with Neelum’s Mamoo’s son. Well they have very smartly saved their daughter from marrying Zafar but Iqbal Saab is thinking that his sister is hurt with the refusal and  he wants to compensate this by fixing Gaiti’s marriage with Zafar, Will Gaiti’s stepmother be able to save Gaiti from this marriage or will Zafar’s mother who has always hated Gaiti be ready to accept her as her daughter in law?

Hira Mani as Gaiti is superb and so if Affan Waheed as Badar. Haris Waheed too is impressive. We’ll like to see more of Haroon Shahid in the coming episodes to make more of his character. For now, Do Bol is a rather interesting drama, one we’d like to watch next week as well.

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