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Dobara Episode-4 Review: Mahir’s step mother ruins his only chance to marry his love

Dobara the modern take on the liberation of women is one of the best in the running Prime Time Watch. Hadiqa Kiani and Bilal Abbas have given super brilliant performances and they look together very cute on screen. In the previous episode, we have seen Mehru start living her life on her own terms. In this episode, Mehru meets Mahir in the park and it seems that their love for Tennis will bring them closer.

Mehrunnisa is now living the life she really wants to live, she feels liberated. In the park, her path crosses with Mahir and their encounter is so cute. It seems that Mahir gets attracted by her and he thinks that she is smart and looks young, he starts opening up with her. It seems that their love for tennis will become the reason for their closeness.

Mahir has set his parents for the rishta appointment. Mahir has strictly told his father not to discuss anything with his stepmother. The only blunder he makes is that he steals the gold bangle of his stepmother thinking that it is his Dadi’s so he has the right to own it. He steals that but he has not done it neatly.

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Mahir’s stepmother and sisters on their way back from shopping get to know about Mahir’s presence in the house through the maid and she also reveals that he was talking with his father and planning to go to Naveen’s house. Mahir’s stepmother gets to the point she knows that they have gone there for rishta. Moreover, when Mahir’s sister goes to the room to put the shopping bags she sees the open wardrobe, the lock key lying, and the empty drawer. She tells her mother that their gold bangle is missing. Mahir’s stepmother knows that it is only Mahir who can do that.

Mahir and his parents are very wisely talking with Naveen’s mother about his proposal they are both taking their son’s side and Naveen’s mother has almost agreed when Mahir’s stepmother makes entry and he spoils the whole scene. She ruins the only chance of Mahir to marry Naveen by telling them that this bangle is stolen by him. He clearly says that it is his Dadi so he has the right to own that bangle. Naveen and her mother are not ready to listen to any of the clarifications. Moreover, Naveen breaks up with Mahir. Our heart once again goes out for poor Mahir.

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