Ishq Tamasha Episode 27 Review: Mirha is shunning Mehrab for good!

Another new episode of drama serial Ishq Tamasha went on air yesterday and it seems the story is gearing up to take some tragic turns. Undoubtedly a well written script by Misbah Nousheen, Ishq Tamasha is now throwing turns and twists at the audience, which we weren’t really expecting.  Junaid Khan, Aiman Khan, Furqan Qureshi, Kinza and Saba Faisal have given amazing performances for Ishq Tamasha especially Kinza Hashmi and Saba Faisal, who have gone out of their way to portray characters different from what they have done before.

This week’s episode revolved around  Rushna’s deteriorating health condition and Mirha who broke her long and old relationship with Wahaaj and is now also avoiding Mehrab for good.

The episode begins when Wahaaj is leaving for Dubai but before leaving he buys a bunch of flowers and leaves a heart felt note for Mirha. In that note he admits that he does not deserve Mirha and that she deserves someone better in  life who will keep her happy. Wahaaj requests Mirha not to hate him for everything that has happened. The scene where Mirha is reading the note and both Mirha and Wahaaj are shown crying is so heartbreaking  and I really feel sorry for Wahaaj  who had to lose the girl he love, just because of his mother’s stubborn nature.

Mehraab who was so anxious to know about Mirha’s whereabouts finally finds her. The moment where they both see each other and get mesmerized speaks volumes about their nameless bond. No matter how much Mirha deny this but it is the reality that she has feelings for him.

Mirha is a very strong girl with upright morals and ethical values and therefore she simply does not accept a relationship with a married man, especially one who is married to her own cousin. Mirha clearly tells Mehrab not to raise any false hopes for her and that for her he is nobody but only Rushna’s husband on which Mehrab replies that no matter what she thinks of him he will never let her play with her life.

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Palwasha too is cold shouldering Aqeela because she is the main reason the family has broken into pieces. Palwasha has denied listening to anything their mother says and perhaps she will now take a step towards approaching Ghufraan as well.

Rushna’s health on the other hand is detoriarating day by day but Mehrab pays her no attention. She has severe headache attacks and has only Sabra to take care of her. During such an attack Sabra gives Rushna a medicine which Mehrab’s phupo used to take and perhaps this medication without prescription proves to be destructive for her.

For now, we’re eagerly waiting to see what will Rushna’s condition be when her headache does not stop. And how will Mirha and Mehrab react if something happens to her? For now, we’re eagerly anticipating the next episode of Ishq Tamasha, which we believe will wind up soon now.


Rameeza Nasim

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