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Pyar Ke Sadqay Episode 24 Review: Abdullah being forced to part ways with Mahjabeen is breaking our hearts!

Pyar Ke Sadqay is one of our favourite play running at HUM TV, but now it has taken a tragic with turn. Abdullah being forced to part his ways with Mahjabeen is breaking our hearts. Performances of the almost whole cast, including the leads, are impeccable, but we are certainly not ready to see Mahjabeen being harassed by Sarwar. As the play takes a dark turn, we really missed the old delightful watch.

The conniving Sarwar put Munshi Jee behind the bars so that he can force him to marry off Mahjabeen with him. Mahjabeen and her mother are feeling so helpless, Mahjabeen calls Abdullah to help her out in releasing her father. Although that vile Shanzay tells Abdullah not to help Mahjabeen and he agreed that he is not going to help her out. That annoying

Shanzay is a pretty annoying character who has the audacity to call Mahjabeen a drama queen, on the contrary, she herself had created a scene of fake suicide attempt to make Abdullah fall for her again.

Well despite telling Shanzay that he will not help Mahjabeen, Abdullah goes at Mahjabeen’s place to help her out and listen to her concerns. He assures her that he will handle this situation and he will talk with his lawyer. Mansoora’s totally transformed behavior is not making any sense, she is the one who had always regarded Munshi Jee’s services but now she is completely indifferent in this case to the level of cruelty and Abdullah has sensed it too.

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Shanzay’s father has requested that he wants Abdullah to work in his office so that he will look after his business on which Mansoora and Sarwar happily agree not for a single second Mansoora has realized that why Abdullah will work with Mir Sahab why he will not look after his own business?

The scene where Mahjabeen enters into the house when Abdullah’s engagement is taking place is so heart touching and the way she wished her congratulations on her engagement makes Abdullah’s eyes teary too how can Mansoora be that cruel and insensitive?

Abdullah is not manning up to claim his love for Mahjabeen nor he has the heart to divorce her. He cannot even help her out despite her requesting him to help her out in releasing Munshi Jee. Sarwar is now very cleverly making his moves to trap Mahjabeen and it seems that poor Mahjabeen will be trapped or harassed by him and she cannot do anything to resist as she wants her father to come back home. We simply cannot see Mahjabeen been assaulted or harassed by Sarwar.

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Rameeza Nasim

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