Visaal Episode 3 Review: The Maze Of Misunderstandings Has Just Begun!

We have to give it to Visaal for showcasing just so many amazing performances into one drama serial. You have the perfectionist Zahid Ahmed, who is so convincing in his act as Akku, that you’ve begun to hate him for good. Hania Aamir and Saboor Aly as the two innocent small town girls are simply superb. Firdous Jamal and Touqeer Nasir are doing well in their supporting roles. Overall, Visaal is a blend of an amazing story that is being executed brilliantly on television.

Over the course of three episodes, we have realized the Akram aka Akku is a very convincing actor and that he has molvi sahab and his friends wrapped around his fingers. He is also lusting after Pari and finding ways to interact with her all the more.

Pari, without even trying, has managed to impress the railway officier and he has now convinced his superiors to grant the demands put forward by the labor union. Shabeer is extremely grateful and invites the officer over tea to his place.

On the other hand, molvi sahab’s friend, after being impressed by Akram convinces him to send over a proposal for Naheed. Even though molvi sahab is reluctant at first, he agrees because they think of Akram as a good guy.

However, Naheed does not want to marry him. Pari and Naheed both try and find who Akram is and Pari speculates whether it is him that she met on the door. Akram, is also trying his best to find out who molvi sahab’s daughter is and knows that she is named Naheed.

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Akram, upon being questioned by molvi sahab’s friend Safdar, agrees to having molvi sahab’s daughter as his wife. However, he isn’t sure if its Pari or Naheed and perhaps the confusion will create havoc in the future.

For now, Akram wants Pari at all costs because he’s smitten by her but so is the railway officer. Hania Aamir as Pari is amazing. The girl is a breath of fresh air not only in her person but as the character of Pari as well. We’re smitten by Visaal and want the story to develop fast. But until then, we have to wait for the next episode, just like you guys!

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